School Fees

Notes for expenses and receipts with number magnets on a tableSchool fees cover items like the consumable resources that students may use in the course of their educational program.  These are items like those that are “school supplies and equipment for a student’s personal use”, “appropriate personal clothing for school activities such as gym strip, footwear, outerwear and personal safety equipment”, or ” expenses for transportation, accommodation, meals, entrance fees and equipment rentals, in respect of optional field trips or special events that are not necessary to meet the required learning outcomes or assessment requirements of an educational program” (School Act School Regulation, section 1)

Additionally, students in some educational choice programs may incur additional costs for program enrichment in courses (known as “supplemental costs”).  Individual teachers will provide students with information about program enrichment costs.

General School Fees are payable online or in person (cash or cheque in 114 only).  

Please see the 2021-2022 schedule of School Fees below. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Dave Rawnsley – Principal

Final Fees Burnaby North 2021-22 (.PDF)

Burnaby North School Fees 2021-2022

Fee Type



General Student Fees

Student Activity Fee


Student agenda/app, athletics, student government, leadership/mentorship, locks

AP Exam Fee

$135 – $175

AP Exam and AP Capstone Exam



$75 after Winter Break


School Leaving Ceremony




Dry After Grad


Physical Education / Athletics

Athletic Teams

$35 – $120

BC School Sport, uniforms, transp. & equipment

PHE 10


CPR certification- from $15-$60 (Optional field trips, golf, CPR Certification)



Field trips

Sports Academies – Hockey


monthly fee, facility, program, instructor cost – paid to school

Sports Academies – Hockey sibling rate


monthly fee, for families with more than one child in the program

PHE Field Trip 10 Course


First Aid


St. John’s Ambulance Standard Certificate

Visual and Performing Arts



optional instrument rental

AP studio art


enhanced materials for AP component

Youth Train in Trades –

Industry Training programs

Auto Collision & Refinishing Tech


student union fees, Upass

Auto Service Technician





student union fees, tools, manuals, uniform, Upass



level 1 manual

CISCO Network Academy



Construction Electrician





Film & Broadcast


external hard drive

Fitness Instructor


textbook, First Aid Course & Certifications

Graphic / Media Arts


portfolio supplies

Hairstylist – year 1


manual, tools, supplies

Hairstylist – year 2


manual, tools, supplies

Health Sciences

$60 – $80


Metal Fabrication


manuals, texts

Motorcycle & Power Equipment Tech


texts, manuals

Music Production & Technology


headphones $125 and optional educational activity guest artists $25

Palo Alto

$66 USD/


exam fee

Painting & Decorating







Professional Cook Level 1


manual, uniform

Sheet Metal Worker



Tourism & Event Management


certifications and field trips



welding mask, gloves, manuals, welders boots