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Course Selection–Due This Week!

Course Selection sessions have now ended.  Grade 8’s completed their online entry last week.  All other grades must complete their online entry AND hand in their signed forms by March 3rd.

Counsellors will be speaking to all grade 8-11 students about course selection for next year’s programmes.  At the session, students will receive all the paperwork necessary to complete their course selection.  The dates for the sessions are below.

Grade 8s: Feb. 7 and 8

Grade 9s: Feb. 20 and 21

Grade 10s: Feb. 2 and 3

Grade 11s: Feb 14 and 15

ELL focused presentations: Feb. 9 and 10.

If you miss your course selection session because you are absent, make sure you follow-up with your counsellor as soon as you return, especially if you have questions you need answered before you make your selections.

Forms and additional information is available on the Registration & Course Selection page.

Students need to complete the paper forms AND submit their selections into the online system:

  • Grade 8s will be entering in their courses in the computer labs on Feb. 23 and 24.  Grade 8s’ should return their forms to their Social Studies teacher.
  • All other students have until March 3rd to enter in their course selections outside of class time.​ Grade 9-11 students should return their forms to Student Services directly,