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Online Locker Sign-Up

Locker Assignment Instructions (Grade 9 – 12):

Students can select their own locker and with some care and planning ensure that they share their locker with their preferred locker partner.

While registering for a locker is not required, empty lockers may not be available at a later date should you change your mind.  It is better to sign-up for a locker and not use it than to not have one to use when you need it (to store snow clothes, PE strip, project supplies, etc.).

1. Go to
2. Login using your student number as the id and your birth date as the password, in “YYYYMMDD” format.
3. Select a zone of the school in which you would like to have a locker. Zone N3 (3rd floor of the North Building) is designated for Grade 12 students only. Grade 9 – 11 students will not have access to this zone.
Note that as the availability of lockers in a zone changes, the zone buttons will change from Yellow (many lockers available), to Orange (over 50% of lockers assigned) to Red (no lockers available in zone).
4. When a zone is selected, the available lockers will be listed. A locker entry that is Green is an empty locker, and a locker entry that is Orange has one person in the locker already.
5. All lockers have a capacity of two students. To ensure that you will not share a locker with a stranger, then please select a locker partner to sign up with.
6. Once you have selected a locker, you will be shown the locker combination. You can login at any time to see your assigned locker and combination.
7. You cannot change your locker through the online application.