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Office 365 for Students at North

Logging In to Office 365

To login to any of your O365 apps, use the link at the top of the website (not available in mobile view, switch to desktop view) or go here:  (If the login site doesn’t say SD41 and you get a login error, you’re on the generic Microsoft O365 login page which will not work with your district account).

STUDENTS:  Remember that your login is your 

Your password is the same as for the school network.

What you can access

example of the apps available when you log in to O365

Example of the apps available when you log in to O365

District users (including students) have access to the Microsoft software products above (and more) through Office 365.  Clicking the “Install Office” button allows you to install local copies of the software onto your devices (up to 5).

Some of the programs used the most by courses at Burnaby North are…


  • Email access to your district email account (your district email address is your O365 login).  This is the email address that will allow you to qualify for educational or student discounts on software from OTHER software and technology companies that require you to have an “edu” email account.  You can also use this email to subscribe to other services you might use for school like,, etc. when you do not want to use your existing personal email address.  You can set this account to FORWARD all messages to the personal email address of your choice through the Options screen (this change must be made in the desktop view of the website as the option is not available in the app or mobile view).  Mobile app available.



  • Online cloud file storage.  This allows you access to all your files from any computer/device.  You can also download the app to your personal computer so your local files will automatically sync to the cloud.  Mobile app available.


  • Word processing program.  You can edit most files directly online in the web editor, but can also install the app on your computer.  Mobile app available.


  • Spreadsheet program.  You can edit most files directly online in the web editor, but can also install the app on your computer.  Mobile app available.


  • Presentation/slide program. You can edit most files directly online in the web editor, but can also install the app on your computer.  Mobile app available.


  • An online notebook/binder app.  Mobile app available.  Keep your notes organised in  different notebooks or sections, just like a real binder.  The mobile app allows you to quickly add pictures of things like handouts and whiteboard notes (ask teacher permission before taking photos in class).
  • Teachers can also create a “Class OneNote” and give students access.  This is where they might post handouts, instructions, project details.  This also includes a Collaborative space for groups in the same class to work on projects together and an individual section for each student (visible only to the student and teacher) to post their own notes and assignments.


  • Teachers can create a Team for a class, a club, etc. and give the appropriate students and staff access.  Teams features chat channels, shared file folders, and more.  Mobile app available.

Support for district users

Users  can access the district’s support materials for teachers and students here:

Information for Parents

For parents wishing to OPT-OUT of the service for their child(ren), the link is at the bottom of the page.

To Parents, Guardians and Students

In the 21st century, online technology is a way of life and providing the tools to enhance the online learning experience is a District priority.

We are pleased to be able to offer all secondary school students free access to a Microsoft Office 365 cloud based account. It includes a personal email address as well as access to the most recent versions of Microsoft Office tools, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and more. It also includes an online file storage space (OneDrive) so work can be accessed on any device. Office 365 enriches the learning experience providing students and teachers the ability to communicate, store files and collaborate on documents and presentations from school or home, all within a secure online environment.

Features of Office 365

  • Students can install a desktop version of the Office Productivity Suite at home
  • It comes with OneDrive that provides 1 Terabyte of cloud-based file storage
  • Storage and Backup on Canadian Servers
  • Students will get a district-based email address

Digital Citizenship

We remain committed to teaching students good digital citizenship and safe online behavior. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that the use of technology is appropriate and for educational purposes only. This includes not storing personal information on your OneDrive account or sharing personal information through your Office email account. For more information, please take a look at our Terms of Use for Students and the Student Network Acceptible Use Policy by visiting

Student Opt-Out Form

Office 365 student accounts support instruction and learning. If, for whatever reason, a parent/guardian does not wish their child to have access to these cloud-based tools and environment, please fill out and return the Student Opt-Out Form. Go to to get a copy of the form.

Information on accessing and using your child’s Office 365 account can be found at  If you have further questions regarding your child’s use of Office 365 in School District 41, please contact your school directly.