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Re-Think Speaker Series, Term 2

2018-2019 ReThink Term 2 Speaker Series

For any teacher or student interested in attending any of the upcoming speakers, please see Ms. Carey in Room 212 or pick up a field trip form in the Office and return it to Ms. Carey.

THE ODD SQUAD GANG PRESENTATION “The Truth About Gangs & Violence”
Wednesday January 16th from 10:45am- Noon (Block 2)
Room 218
The Truth About Gangs presentations provided by Odd Squad police officers are multi-media and reality-based, drawing on years of experience the officers have in dealing with Gang issues while working in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area. Recently Odd Squad has incorporated presentations on “Girls in Gangs” dealing with females who may be drawn into this lifestyle. Odd Squad also works with recovered gang members who can assist in reaching out and better connecting with at-risk youth. Officers are available for a detailed question and answer period following the educational presentation. Q & A session at the end of presentation.

PATRICIA GABRIEL “Realities of Being a Doctor & Her Book- Oh the Not So Great…”

Tuesday January 22nd from 12:25pm-1:35pm (Block 3)
Room 218
Join Dr. Gabriel as she talks about her journey to becoming a family doctor, including university, medical school, her work and research, and the realities of working as a doctor. She is also a recently published author writing Oh Not So Great: Poems from the Depression Project. Having first-hand experience with how short appointment times reduce a physician’s ability to listen to, and empathize with their patients – particularly those with mental illness –Dr. Gabriel came up with an entirely new approach to help physicians. Reading stories about patients can improve a physician’s ability to empathize, but it is often time-consuming. Gabriel came up with an idea for condensing patient stories while still retaining their transformative properties: poems. And she knew just the poet to help her. Through exploring a wide range of interests, both Gabriel and Taylor were able to focus in on what their true passions were, for Taylor it was poetry, and for Gabriel it was health care. This integration of art and science has resulted in a book that has surpassed its original conception to act solely as a tool for enhancing empathy in physicians. The poems produced were so powerful that publishing house Leaf Press encouraged Gabriel and Taylor to publish the entire collection in a book.


JOHN GOHEEN “Canada and the Last 100 Days of WWI”
Friday February 1st  from 8:45am-10am (Block 5)
Room 218
Join Mr. Goheen for a lecture on the Canadian Corps. and the last 100 Days of WWI. Mr. Goheen is a principal in the Coquitlam School District. As a strong advocate for military history and remembrance, he ensures that students learn about the sacrifices made by Canadian Veterans. Since 1996, Mr. Goheen has been the tour guide for The Royal Canadian Legion’s National Pilgrimage of Remembrance. Mr. Goheen researches the backgrounds of fallen Canadian soldiers and recounts these individual stories at their gravesites. He selects specific cemeteries on the tour that have a direct link to some aspect of the historical itinerary. He is a strong advocate of Veterans’ Week, and he has been actively involved in the celebration of Veterans’ accomplishments and in the commemoration of their sacrifices. He has been an associate member of The Royal Canadian Legion since 1991.

Monday February 4th from 1:00pm-2:00pm (Block 3)
Room 218
Join Border Security’s Producer Laurie Case for a presentation on what it is like working in the TV and film industry in Canada. She will share her journey, her projects including Border Security: Canada’s Front Line, Eat St, and Forgotten Huts. She will also give her own insight on what it takes to make it in this industry, courses and skills that are required, and then will open it up to a Q&A for students.

TBA: Site visit for 60 students to EA Sports Video Game Design Studio
Date and info will be announced the first week back in January 2019… Stay tuned! J

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