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Need a timetable change? Submit a Course Correction Request Online


Counsellors will be prioritizing schedule changes for students with ERRORS in their timetables from September 3-6.

These are NOT requests for courses you WANT to change, but corrections to timetables that are INCORRECT because a) they are not courses you confirmed you would take during verifications this spring OR b) you completed other credits at Summer School and require a different course.

Complete this form only if your request meets one of the following criteria:

  1. I’m missing courses!:  Your schedule is INCOMPLETE, i.e. one or more courses are missing from my timetable?  Fill out the form
  2. I’m scheduled in the wrong grade/level of a course!:  There is an ERROR in your placement, for example: you should be in English 10 but the timetable says English 9.  Fill out the form
    1. NOTE: You MAY NOT request Honours/Enriched/AP classes using this form. If you believe you should be in an Honours/Enriched/AP class that you requested last spring, contact Mr. Scaligine AFTER September 6th.

NOTE: Correcting errors in your timetable may result in other block/teacher/course changes to your schedule as well. We will make every effort to disrupt your schedule as little as possible, but some changes are unavoidable.

All timetable changes MUST be processed by your counsellor.  Please do not approach course teachers with requests and inquiries.


What if your timetable is ‘correct’ but you don’t like it?

COURSE CHANGE FORMS will be available online at 3:00pm on Friday, September 6th. Counsellors will begin processing course change requests on September 9th.

NOTE: Not all change requests can be accommodated, so continue to attend your assigned courses and do the work so you don’t fall behind in case your request is denied.  If your new timetable is approved, your new course teacher(s) will inform you what make-up work they will require.