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FLEX Time in Physical & Health Education

FLEX time in Physical and Health Education will give students great opportunities to learn sport skills, play different games in a fun and relaxed environment, increase their fitness and reach fitness goals, or work out in a supervised and supportive environment in the weight room (check age restrictions for the weight room). It offers a chance to find some relief from the stress that a lot of our students feel. PHE teachers will take turns running the events in the available facilities.

To make good use of the opportunities, students need to:

  • Check the monthly schedule on line, or in paper in the gyms and outside the Sports Center. Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher what is offered.
  • Sign up on MyWeeklyPlanner. You will sign up BY ACTIVITY, not teacher name.  The activities will listed at the bottom of the list of teacher names.
  • Ask your teacher what is offered, and how to sign up for it
  • Check out the monthly schedule here.