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Feb. 25–Goal Morning–Altered Bells

Read the Letter from Admin: Goal Morning Memo for Listserv (Feb 25 2020)


Act on your goals by BK ( used under Creative Commons license Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

8:40-10:04 Math Contests / Goal Morning
10:10-11:09 1st period
11:24-12:19 2nd period
1:06-2:01 3rd period
2:08-3:03 4th period

The purpose of Goal Morning is for teachers to provide flexible time for students and staff to connect on an individual level.

Students that are required to attend school on Goal Morning at 8:40 am to 10:04 am, for extra support, will be bringing home a “Student Goal Morning Appointment Schedule” to inform you that they are required to attend. Students that have not received notification but feel behind in coursework or would like extra help may also request a time to visit with their teacher(s).

Should you require further information please feel free to contact the subject teacher directly. Either by email (Email addresses can be found under the “Parents” menu at ( or by phone at 604-296-6875.

The Administration
@Burnaby North Secondary