Welcome to Burnaby North

At Burnaby North Secondary School we strive to develop the full potential of every student by using many different approaches to learning in a range and variety of programs in grades 8 through 12.

Founded in 1922, Burnaby North moved to its current location in 1946. The school is housed in two buildings, North and South, which were originally a Senior and Junior High School respectively, but which merged in 1981.   Construction on our new building began in Spring 2020.  The new building is expected to open in September 2022.

We have a long tradition of academic achievement and public service. The Excel program offers Advanced Placement (AP) and Honours courses to interested students, while a variety integrated and support programs assist those students experiencing difficulty to achieve success.

We host a wide variety of clubs and activities which offer students many opportunities to pursue their interests in sports, the arts and sciences, community service, and personal growth.