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Terry Fox Run–Tues. Sept. 28th (No FLEX)

We will be running & walking to raise cancer awareness in block 2 on Tues. Sept. 28th.  Donations will be accepted in each block 2 class; if every Viking contributes $1 we could raise over $1500 for cancer research!

There is NO FLEX BLOCK.  It is a 4 block day with a lengthened 2nd period.


8:40-9:49 1st Period

9:49-9:58 BREAK

10:04-12:01 2nd Period & Terry Fox Run

12:01-12:40 LUNCH

12:46-1:51 3rd Period

1:58-3:03 4th Period

If you are driving near the school on Wednesday morning, please be aware that large crowds of students will be walking from along Kensington, Hastings, Fell, Holdom, and Curtis streets.  Thanks.

The Terry Fox Route

map of the Terry Fox event route