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BNS Library Materials are Due

Please return all library materials to the Library immediately.

Check your school Outlook email or login to your Library account to check the list of items you still have.


The stamp in your book may not look exactly like these examples.

with no barcode OR a barcode that is blacked out has been removed from the Library collection and should NOT be returned to the Library.

  • If the book has any WITHDRAWN or DISCARD stamps on its pages, it should not be returned to the Library.  They are your Burnaby North souvenir to read, and keep or share with others.
  • If the book has no “discard” or “withdrawn” stamp, but the barcode is missing or blacked out, it belongs to the English department.  Return it to your English teacher.

The Burnaby Public Library is open all Summer, 7 days a week for all your Summer Reading needs.

Teens can join the Summer Reading Adventure online!

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