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PAC Meetings–Next Meeting September 12th, 2022

Parent Advisory Committee Meeting 

All caregivers welcome!

To All Parents & Incoming Parents of Burnaby North Secondary School!

Please check your email for the message from the school that includes the link to the meeting.

The current PAC Executives would like to invite anyone who may be interested in volunteering or who would like to nominate a person to please forward your nomination or letter of interest to

These Executive Members of the PAC get elected at the AGM.  No experience on a PAC necessary.  We welcome all feedback and would love for you to get involved.

Executive PAC members consist of:

  • Chair – oversees the meetings to ensure that participants are following the PAC agenda/purpose; helps to direct focus
  • Co-chair– shall assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson in their absence
  • Treasurer– responsible for PAC accounts and financial reports
  • Secretary – record minutes of the meetings
  • DPAC Representative– attends District Parent Advisory Committee Meetings about once a month and make quick report/recommendations to the PAC
  • Members-at-large– usually 2 people, up to 4; parents who can be called on for extra help in organizing other parent groups. Such as Parent Engagement & Education committee & Band committee.

Come support your child’s experience at school and learn about events, programs, and access for your teens. Engage with other parents in the community and have your questions answered in an open forum. No volunteer fundraising involved !!

Hope to see you there!

Sincerely, BNSS PAC Executive.


Every month…

  • Learn about events, programs, and access for your teens
  • Engage with other parents in the community
  • Get your questions answered in an open forum

NO strings attached! No fundraising required !! 

See the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) page for details and other documents related to the committee’s work.