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Need a timetable change? Submit a Course Correction Request


Requests are closed for 2022-2023.

Grade 9-12 students requesting a correction must complete the online form.  Counsellors will contact you with changes or if they need more information.  The form will open Sept. 6 and close Sept. 16.

Grade 8 Students

Grade 8 students with timetable errors must go to Student Services on Tuesday, September 6th to see their counsellor.

Counsellors will be seeing ONLY grade 8 students September 6th.  Corrections will be made if grade 8 students are

  • missing a course, OR
  • have been scheduled into the wrong grade level of a course OR
  • have a duplicate course on your schedule.

It is best to go to visit early in the day (before your Block 1 orientation class) to give counsellors the most time to make corrections for Wednesday.

Grade 9-12 Students

Complete the online form to request a course correctionCounsellors will not begin processing requests or seeing grade 9-12 students until all Grade 8 corrections have been completed.

Grade 9-12 students must follow the Course Correction process outlined below:

The school will not accommodate course changes for the following reasons:

  • wanting a class in a different timetable block/period
  • wanting to take a course with a different teacher
  • wanting to be in a different block/course to be with different people (e.g. friends)

Counsellors will work with students about their schedule according to this priority:

    1. your timetable is incomplete (fewer than 8 courses; including authorized spare blocks; may result from being assigned two blocks of the same 1-block course);
    2. you did not complete or failed a Summer School or Online course so are missing a course (e.g. scheduled into the wrong grade level of a course or missing a graduation requirement),
    3. you are MISSING graduation/university admission requirements
    4. you did not receive your requested/alternate elective course (this may occur when the original course caused a timetable conflict or the original course has been cancelled) or have a new elective request
      1. Note: If you believe you should be in an Honours/Enriched/AP class that you requested last spring, contact Ms. Mihic ( BEFORE September 14th.

The online form must be approved by your parent/guardian. Unverified forms will not be considered. 

The deadline for course request changes/corrections is 3pm, Friday, September 16th. The later your request is made, the fewer options counsellors may have to address your request.

NOTE: Correcting errors in your timetable may result in other block/teacher/course changes to your schedule as well. We will make every effort to disrupt your schedule as little as possible, but some changes are unavoidable.  Once a change is made, we cannot change your schedule back. 

All timetable changes MUST be processed by your counsellor.  Please do not approach course teachers with requests and inquiries.