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Locker Cleanout–December 2022

As we prepare for holidays, students must clear their lockers in December 2022 before they leave for their Winter Break (or sooner if they are leaving early for holidays).  

Students who selected lockers are responsible for ensuring that their (and all their friends’) perishable belongings are removed from their locker before the end of classes.  Students who have lots of materials to go home are well-advised to take it home bit by bit ASAP to avoid having too much to carry home next week.

Lockers must be cleared of all perishables by the student’s last day of classes in December.

Remember, at the end of a course/unit, all textbooks should be returned to the teacher who issued them, and all overdue Library materials should be returned to the Library.

Personal materials that you do not wish to keep should be recycled in the appropriate bins.