Need help? Find Your Counsellor (updated Jan 2023)

The school Counsellors provide counselling services for academic concerns, personal issues, and career exploration.  So if you’re struggling with your school work, your mental health, your relationships, your school/life balance, your decisions about post-secondary, etc. they can help connect you with the right resources and strategies for your situation.  To help to improve student access to those services, the school has slightly shifted the caseloads for each counsellor.  If wish to make an appointment with your counsellor, the one assigned to you may have changed since you last made an appointment.  The revised list is below (and is indicated on the Staff Directory)

  • Mr. Hawkins: A-Cor
  • Ms Chun: Cos-Hen + International Students
  • Ms Cho: Her – Maa
  • Mr. Ashfield: Mac-Shin + Bridge Students
  • Ms Michaels: Shiv-Z + Indigenous Students