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Assessment Week Events Jan. 23-27

Due to the Provincial Assessments being held for students in grades 10 & 12, the regular class schedule is being replaced with a series of events, both mandatory and optional, for all grades.  To see the entire schedule, please check the event listing: ASSESSMENT WEEK 2022-2023 finalv2 (.PDF).

The Provincial Assessment schedule for students has been posted on the wall outside of the office. Students writing Assessments have a specific assigned time that they must attend: Grade 10s must write both a Numeracy 10 (on either Monday or Tuesday) and a Literacy 10 (on Thursday and Friday); Grade 12s must write a Literacy 12 Assessment (Tuesday or Wednesday). Grade 8 – Grade 11 Students also must attend Course Selection Meetings for their grade.

  • Items highlighted in the event chart are school-wide mandatory events for students in the noted grade. 
    • Specific departments, programs, or classes may have additional required sessions for (selected) students to attend that are not on the school-wide schedule.  Students should check with their course teachers/Teams for additional events they are scheduled to attend.
  • All grades have at least TWO mandatory events.  Provincial Assessment and Core Competency schedules and room assignments will be posted separately.  Check the Student Bulletin for updates.
  • Grades 8-11 all have mandatory Course Selection sessions for all students.  
    • Grade 8: Wed., Jan. 25 @ 1pm in the North Gym
    • Grade 9: Thurs., Jan. 26 @ 9:30am in the North Gym
    • Grade 10: Tues., Jan. 24 @ 1:30pm ONLINE ONLY
    • Grade 11: Thurs., Jan. 26 @ 1pm ONLINE ONLY
  • Students can still seek extra help and resources from their subject teachers beyond the scheduled sessions.  Contact your course teachers in advance to arrange appointments.
  • The Library will remain OPEN during regular class hours for individual study, computer access, printing, book exchange/reading.  Spaces are limited.

Grade 8-10 events. Click for a larger image.

Grade 11-12 events. Click for a larger image.