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Check the District site for up to date procedures and contacts.

Weather Related School Closures

It’s Winter and there’s a chill in the air.  That means it is time to remind you of how you might learn of any weather related school closures.

All schools will remain open unless there is heavy snowfall, damage or other circumstances (e.g. power outage) that make it impossible to open for instruction.  District office and facilities will remain open unless specifically indicated there is a closure.  The district will do its best to communicate school or district-wide closures or cancellations by 6:30 am.  This information will be posted on the front page of the district website at www.burnabyschools.ca .  However, please keep in mind that there may be situations where this is not always possible, for example, in case of power outages or technical problems.

Another reliable way to learn of school closures is to listen for updates or go to the websites of the following news providers:  CBC 690 AM; CBC Radio One 88.1 FM; CKWX 1130 AM; CKNW 980 AM; Fairchild 1470 AM; or Fairchild 96.1 FM. Please do not call the radio station – tune in and listen for the announcements, or check the radio station websites or social media.

Information will only be provided on school closures. If there is no closure information, our schools are open for learning! However, the decision to send your child to school or not is ultimately a family decision.

For more detailed information on weather related school closures, please click here

A Note about Travelling to Campus in Winter Weather

red snow shovel pushed by unseen user in bootsCyclists and pedestrians are reminded that sidewalks and pathways may not be cleared, and while they may be salted, there is still a risk of ice and slippery conditions.  Wear appropriate footwear and take care while walking.  Also remember to watch for oncoming traffic of all kinds as conditions may cause other travellers to walk/ride in unpredictable directions.

If you are coming to campus by car (to drop off students, as a visitor), please be aware of the following

  • All passengers should be prepared to walk long distances to the buildings. Wear appropriate footwear and take care while walking.  Also remember to watch for oncoming traffic of all kinds as conditions may cause other travellers to walk/ride in unpredictable directions.
    • School maintenance staff will make every effort to make sure that school-owned pathways and road surfaces are cleared and salted, but slippery conditions are always a risk.  Proceed with caution.
    • City-owned pathways and roadways will be cleared/salted/sanded according to City of Burnaby policies.  Slippery conditions are always a risk.  Proceed with caution.
  • Kensington Street: Kensington itself is a priority 2 maintenance zone for the city and will likely be plowed/salted prior to school opening HOWEVER, the shoulders on Kensington do not get serviced by the city/district, will have excess snow from plowing, and may be hazardous places to attempt to park/drop off passengers.
    • Drivers who need to drop off passengers with mobility issues for the South Building are advised to use the east shoulder of Kensington if it is clear, or the Continuing Education parking lot (next to the South Gym; follow the road behind the building to exit onto Hammarskjold).
      • The main door at the front of the South building (facing Kensington) is accessible only via the city sidewalk on Kensington.  The door has a ramp and an powered door opener.
      • The doors on the east & west side of the South Gym offer level access to the South Gym only.
      • The former entrance behind the building is permanently closed (fire exit only).
      • The door at the North end of the building (facing Kensingston) offers a powered door opener and level access to the main floor.
  • Hammarskjold Drive is a hill and only a priority 3 plowing zone, so is likely to be icy in very cold and/or snowy weather and may not have been cleared prior to school opening.  Cars may get stuck coming up the hill as traffic needs to stop frequently due to cars turning in/out of the parking lots.  It is advisable to use this street only if you are a staff member, student, or visitor who needs to park their vehicle in the parking lot or are a driver who needs to drop-off a passenger with mobility issues.
    • Accessible entrances to/from the North building include:
      • the horseshoe offers level access to the 200s, North Gym, North Caf & 400s; the door to the far left has a powered door opener
      • the North door to the east wing offers level access to the offices & 100s, and enters next to the elevator; it has no powered door opener and the handle is set higher than average
  • During cold/snowy weather, the closest places to campus that are likely to be plowed/clearer of ice/snow are
    • The parking lot at Kensington Square
    • The parking lot at Kensington Ice Rink
    • The parking lot off Fell Ave for the sports fields

As always, students are reminded to dress warmly for the weather and plan to walk longer distances to the building, as not all pathways will be cleared.