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School Photo RETAKES Day–Oct. 17

Photo RETAKE Day

When? Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023

Where? Gallery

Who?  Only the people listed below…

  1. Staff who missed the picture date (you are automatically on the list)
  2. Students who missed the picture date and have NOT taken a picture (you are automatically on the list)
  3. Students with a concern with their picture and student has seen Mr. Dardano to make sure that they are on the list – if you do not come to see him, you will not make the list, so please make sure you come by, bring your picture and reason as you will not be able to take a retake otherwise.

***Staff and students who require a retake must bring their ID card (QR CODE) to the camera. The photographer needs to scan the QR code on it.***

A list of students is posted outside the office and in the horseshoe.

To order photos, please visit: For FAQs, please see

Visit for info about all the school and graduation photo options this year.  Grads must book their sessions in advance through the online system.

On photo day, students will be called to the photo location via the PA.   Check the photo site for advice to make sure your first photos turn out well.

Information pertaining to school day photo ordering can be found by clicking the following link as provided by Artona Photo Studio:

Click  “View and Order” at the top of the provided web page and it will direct students/parents accordingly.

If you have any questions or require assistance, the online support team from Artona is available to live chat seven days a week click here.