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Student Growth Conferences–Pre-Registration Required

Mother in hijab with child in a video meeting on a laptopGeneral Information

Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held ONLINE ONLY in 2023. 

  • Registration opens Oct. 26, 2023. 
    • Teachers may contact some families earlier to pre-schedule appointments. in cases where alternate technology is required (e.g. for captions or translations) or if the teacher has a specific scheduling needs.  Please respond to these requests ASAP.
  • Conferences are on Thursday, November 9th.  There will be two sessions: 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  While appointments begin every 10 minutes, each appointment is only 7 minutes long.

Students are encouraged to attend the video conference with their caretakers.  Note: this requires that they be in the same location as you; joining the meeting from two different devices is not possible in the default app unless all users have access to the same account (to click the meeting link).

As appointments are short, please have a list of questions for the teacher prepared in advance.  If you would like to email the teacher your concerns in advance so they have time to prepare information to respond, you can find all teacher emails on the Staff Directory page.  Please include your child’s name and your appointment time in the email.

Self-service appointment booking does not open until 15 days prior to the event (see details below).

Advanced Appointment Invitations (Teacher-Initiated Only)

Prior to the availability of Online Scheduling (see below), teachers with specific/urgent concerns about students or who are aware that caregivers may require alternate technology (e.g. for captions, translations) may schedule appointments directly with those families.  Teachers will book off these appointments in the system so some slots will not be available during the online booking period.  If a teacher contacts you about an appointment, please reply ASAP so that your appointment slot can be reserved before booking opens to all families.  These appointments will occur in Microsoft Teams as the other system does not allow teachers to generate a meeting code for caregivers.

If a teacher does not contact you about your child, this may mean…

  • we have already been in contact with you about your child and have nothing new to add report OR
  • we have no concerns about your child in our subject OR
  • that our concerns about other students are more urgent.

Full-time teachers only have a maximum of 25 interview slots available for their hundreds of students and we appreciate families understanding our need to prioritize access.

Families should make an appointment during the regular online booking period for any course/subject they are concerned about.  If the teacher(s) you wish to speak with no longer have any appointments, there is no wait list.  You will need to email the teacher to outline your concerns and they will respond how/when they are able.

Online Scheduling

Caretakers will schedule interviews using our online scheduling system, and must first register to create an account (see instructions below).

Access Times

Caretakers may register for the site at any time during the sign-up period. Interview sign-up begins Thursday, October 26th @ 9:00 am and ends Thursday, November 2nd @3:00 pm.


Using the Online Scheduling System:

  1. Click here: Schedule Your Student/Parent-Teacher Interviews.
  2. Follow the further instructions here:

NOTE:  In cases where teachers need to speak with the caretakers of specific students about specific concerns best discussed in person, teachers may contact you to schedule your visit before the system opens for caretaker bookings.  e.g. “I’d like to meet with you during interviews to discuss your student’s progress.  Can we meet at 2:30?”  In this case, the teacher’s schedule may display only that they are “not available” at 2:30 and it will not print on your appointment schedule, but you should keep the appointment at meet the teacher at 2:30 as pre-arranged.

Altered Bell Schedules

Interview Day (Early Dismissal)

FLEX:  8:40-9:05
1st period: 9:10-10:16
BREAK  10:16-10:26
2nd period: 10:31-11:37
LUNCH  11:37-12:17
3rd period:  12:22-12:53
4th period:  12:58-13:30 (Students dismissed)
Session 1 Interviews 2:00-4:30
(Max. 15 interview slots available/teacher)
Session 2 Interviews 5:30-7:30
(Max. 12 interviews slots available/teacher)

Students are encouraged to attend the video conference with their caretakers.

The day AFTER interviews (Early Dismissal & Remembrance Day Assemblies)

*****NO FLEX PERIOD*****
1st period:  8:40-9:38
BREAK  9:38-9:48
2nd period & Remembrance Assemblies: 9:53-11:37
LUNCH  11:37-12:17
3rd period: 12:22-13:10
4th period: 13:15-14:03 (Students dismissed)