How to Report your Child’s Absence from School

At Burnaby North, teachers record attendance each class. For all absences (or lates) to be excused, the school office requires a telephone call the day of the absence. A note will also be required the day the student returns to class, and the note is to be signed by each applicable teacher. The note will then be submitted by the student to the office for attendance management.

Unexcused absences will result in parents receiving an automated phone call to notify them of their child’s attendance problem.

*If your child is on a field trip, you should not receive a phone call. However, sometimes the field trip attendance is not processed until the day after the field trip. If you do receive a phone call, ask your child to check with the teacher who organised the field trip to verify the attendance record in the office.

If your child is unexpectedly absent (up to a week)

  • You may call the office (604-664-8550) or email your child’s teachers to notify the school that your child is ill; however, the absence will be UNEXCUSED until he or she brings a note.
  • In his or her first day back at school, send a note which includes:
      • Your child’s first and last name
      • Your child’s student number
      • Why he or she was away (illness, doctor’s appointment, attending a funeral, etc.)
      • Which date(s) he or she was away
      • Your signature
    • It is your child’s responsibility to show the note to each of his or her teachers to be signed and to find out what work he or she missed.
    • Once the note has been signed by all the required teachers, your child must bring the note to the main office.
    • Once the office processes the note, the absence will be changed to EXCUSED.

If your child will be absent for longer than a week, please contact his or her counsellor so that we can notify all his or her teachers and collect the work your child is missing. You will be able to pick up the work at the office once it has been collected.

A Note about Planning Appointments for Your Child:

Please schedule appointments (e.g. doctor, dentist) after school hours whenever possible. If you must take your child out of class to attend an appointment, please inform the affected teacher(s) at least one day in advance if at all possible. In order for your child to leave school early, he or she must bring a note from you to school stating when and why he or she must leave. The note must be shown to the affected teacher, then brought to the main office for the absence to be recorded.

A Note about Extended Absences:

If your child will miss school for vacation, sport competition, etc. (not for illness), you must complete the “Extended Absence” form (available from the main office). Please read the absence policies on the form carefully. Your child should present the completed form to each of his or her teachers BEFORE the absence with as must notice as possible.