Travelling to Campus

How to Get Here Safely

We encourage students to walk to school, cycle, or use transit whenever possible.

No matter how you travel to school, remember:

The Warning Bell rings at 8:35 am for FLEX.

All students should arrive at school about 15 minutes early prior to their first appointment/class.

This provides time to enter the building, check their locker, travel to class, and be seated in class before the bell.


To reach campus, there are crossing signals at

  • Curtis/Fell (South of campus)
  • Kensington/Curtis (Southeast of campus)
  • Kensington/Hammarskjold-Union (East of campus)
  • Hastings/Fell (North of campus)
  • Hastings/Kensington (North of campus)

Once on campus, please be alert for cars in the driveways, parking lots, and horseshoe and use marked pathways and crosswalks.  Keep the volume on your headphones low enough that you can still hear cars/bikes approach.


Campus is located on the Frances-Union Bikeway (runs East-West across Burnaby).  To plan the best routes to campus, consult the Burnaby Bike Map.  If you are coming long distances or if weather suddenly changes, remember that bikes are also permitted on all bus routes in Burnaby (space permitting).  For details see Translink’s “Bikes on Transit” page.

There are two main bicycle racks on campus.  One is at the North end of the South Building, next to the staff driveway.  The other is in the North Courtyard at the top of the horseshoe.  Please remember to secure your bike and equipment and to arrive at school with enough time to find another lock-up space if the racks are full.

Transit Riders:

Our school is on or close to several major bus routes including the R5, 134, 160.  If you are taking Skytrain, it is easiest to reach campus by bus from the Lake City Station or Brentwood Station (both end points of the 134 route) or by walking from Holdom station (all uphill).

By bus, any route that travels down Hastings Street to Kensington Avenue will drop you within blocks of campus.

You can view a pdf of local bus routes from Translink or use the Trip Planner to find your best/fastest route.


Staff and students with parking privileges can use their assigned parking lots.  There is NO STUDENT DROP-OFF permitted in parking lots.  THERE ARE NO LOADING ZONES IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL ON KENSINGTON OR HAMMARSKJOLD; please do not drop-off passengers at the bus stop.

Parent/Guardians, if you must drive your student to school, please drop them off at the following locations (green on the map):

  • North of Hammarskjold-Union on Kensington Avenue
  • on Curtis Street
  • at the Kensington ice arena off Curtis Street
  • at the sports field lot at Frances & Fell Avenue

While many students may prefer to be dropped off on Kensington Avenue in front of the school, please be advised that the volume of cars in this block can make it dangerous for pedestrians to walk to the school building.  Please select another drop-off location if at all possible to ensure the safety of all students.

We also ask parents to not enter the ‘horseshoe’ at the North Building and any of the staff and student parking lots (red on the map) as it creates dangerous conditions for students trying to get to classes on time in the various areas of the campus. The ‘horseshoe’ is also a fire lane and needs to remain clear at all times.

Your cooperation will help keep all students safe and help your child arrive to classes on time.