Lockers at North

Updated Sept. 2, 2022

Locker Selection Instructions

While registering for a locker is not required, empty lockers may not be available at a later date should you change your mind.  It is better to sign-up for a locker and not use it than to not have one to use when you need it (to store snow clothes, PE strip, project supplies, heavy textbooks you don’t need immediately, etc.).  People often underestimate the weight of all the binders/books needed for classes and it is useful to have a place to store them when you don’t need them.  Taking only the items you need for your morning or afternoon classes will lighten your backpack and keep classrooms less crowded.

All regular lockers come equipped with a lock (PE lockers use student-provided locks only which are available for purchase in room 114 for $9).  The provided lock and locker belong to the school and are assigned to students to use during the school year.  Students are responsible for keeping their lockers in good condition.  Damage or graffiti to the lockers may lead to the loss of the use of a locker.  Students should always keep their lockers secured and never share lock combinations with anyone other than their locker partner.

Parents and students are reminded that lockers are provided with no expectation of privacy regarding the contents.  In addition, neither the Burnaby School Board nor the School has insurance to cover lost or stolen items.

The locker database for the 2022-2023 school year will be available on Wednesday, August 31st for Grade 8 and new students only.  Returning students will  use the same lockers as in 2021-2022.

Locker Assignment Instructions for LockerGM Online:

All lockers have a capacity of 2 students.

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your student number as the id and your password
    1. Login Name: Student Number
    2. Password: Student Number
      1. Note: You will need to change your password when you access the portal for the first time (as the system will not prompt you to do so).  Once logged in, your profile will appear and you may change your password at the bottom of your profile screen..
      2. If you have forgotten your student number from last year, please check O365 (it is the first part of your login username/email).
  3. Click on “New Rental”
    1. Find a Locker
      1. Select the “floor” from the drop down menu in which you wish to have your locker: i.e.:
         N1 – North Building – 1st floor
         N2 – North Building – 2nd floor
         N3 – North Building – 3rd floor
         S1 – South Building – 1st floor
         S2 – South Building – 2nd floor

        1. (Note: you may click on the “facility map” to display the location of the locker based on the nearest classroom)
      2. Select “search” and the locker bank will appear.
      3. Select your locker and click on “next”.
    2. Rental Term and Payment (lockers are free):
      o Select “Rental Term” from the drop down menu and select “2021-2022”
      o Check the “I agree to the above Terms and Conditions”
      o Select “pay now” tab (note payment is not required, lockers are free, but you must click the button)
      o Click on return to your “home page” – click on “receipt”
  4. A “Locker Rental Receipt” will appear containing your locker number and combination. Please print this information and or / take a photo of it and keep it in a safe place.
    1. Note: You can also login at any time to see your assigned locker and combination

By Thegreenj [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5 (], from Wikimedia Commons


If you have never learned (or just have forgotten) how to use a combination lock, please read the following carefully.

Suppose you were given the locker combination 15 – 40 – 10.  Here’s how you would open it.

Step 1: Start by rotating the dial clockwise (to the RIGHT).  Turn the dial at least two full turns past zero,

Step 2: Stop when you get to the first number. (in this case, 15)

Step 3: Now turn the dial counterclockwise (to the LEFT).

Step 4: Continue to turn counterclockwise one whole turn past the first number and stop at the second number.  (in this case, 40)

Step 5: Now turn the dial clockwise again (to the RIGHT) towards the third number.  Stop at the third number. (in this case, 10)

Step 6: Pull the lock down and make sure the dial is not turning.

NOTE:  There are a few locks which need to be turned in the opposite direction to the ones indicated above.  If these don’t work for you, try turning the dial in the opposite direction than expected.

Prefer to watch a video?  Try this one from MasterLock

To lock it again, insert the shackle into the lock and press it into the lock until it clicks.  Then spin the dial any direction.

Locker Assignment Instructions PDF