Physical and Health Education Department

Motto: Respect, Responsibility & Safety

Participation in Physical and Health Education classes should be both a rewarding and enjoyable experience. PHE creates opportunities for students to increase their understanding of PHE rules and strategic concepts, improve various movement and game skills, and work on their fitness. We offer a wide variety of activities in different environments and hope to create an atmosphere in which all students enjoy and try their best and enjoy being active.

Physical and Health Education is also a great environment for students to work on their core competencies, critical and creative thinking, personal and social responsibility, and communication skills.


Physical and Health Education (PHE) 8 – 10*

The Junior PE Program at Burnaby North is based mainly on the principles of inclusion, cooperative learning, and participation.  The goal is for students to develop the fitness, skill, and understanding to stay a physically active and healthy person after grade 10 / high school.

Students will be exposed to a large variety of sports and go through organized units that include skill development, understanding of rules and strategy as well as game play. Fitness activities are included in every lesson to help students create goals and show progress  in their health and fitness.

One to two field trips a year are offered, including Cultus Lake Water slides, self-defense, climbing, golf, and first aid: Field trip choices form 2018 19.

Students are expected to take ownership of their own learning. They will set and assess their goals regularly and are part of reporting progress.

Burnaby North offers a large variety of sports and activities to expose students to a balance of team and individual sports as allow them to experience some sport activities they feel comfortable with and might pick up later in life.  Units are usually 8-10 classes in length.

Evaluation is based mainly on participation with a focus on activity level as well as principles of inclusion and fair play and fitness, skill and cognitive aspects.

Category Content
Participation and Effort Based on a daily effort mark and a self evaluation rubric
Personal and Social Responsibility Engagement in play / with team mates, inclusion, fair play, leadership
Fitness Warm ups, fitness progress and goal setting
Knowledge Rules, strategy, etiquette of sport, healthy living
Skill and Strategy Skill development and application in activities and games, understanding of game play and strategy

Physical and Health Education Field Trip 10

The purpose of this course is to introduce recreational activities in the community as well as provide opportunities for participation in individual and team sports at school.  The pursuit of lifetime leisure activities and active living is emphasized as students will have the opportunity to provide input into what activities are chosen for the year.  It is imperative that all students contribute to the success of this program through active participation, respectful behaviour, and regular attendance for class activities. This course is always fun and promotes community amongst it’s students.

PHE Field trip 10 will follow the curricular expectation of the grade 10 curriculum and in addition offer a range of field trips.  No prerequisites required.


Students can choose between First Aid, PHE Leadership, or Athletic Council (details below). Leadership qualifies as an Applied Skills (4 credit) course.  All PE Leadership students must stay informed and available for occasional Monday morning or lunch time meetings.


Applications of Leadership PHE is a program not only designed for individuals interested in a career or job in the field of recreation or sport, but also for those who want to improve leadership and interpersonal skills.  Students in the PE Leadership program act as a PE assistant to one of the PE 8-10 classes and support the teachers with equipment, skill development, group management, and individual students’ support. Volunteer time after 3 pm is NOT required for this course.


This is an excellent course for students who are interested in the human body and health. Students are required to complete a Standard First Aid Level 1/CPR certificate, and have one block scheduled to be first aid attendants in the schools’ first aid room. In addition, students might be asked to attend school functions as first aid attendants. First aid related content will be taught throughout the year, and the First Aid teacher, Ms. Berning, is regularly available for advice and support.


This is a leadership program aimed at motivated students that want to take part in building the athletic culture at Burnaby North through promoting & showcasing our student-athletes! Students will be involved in running the athletic program through minor officiating, photography, social media and event promotion. Follow @bnsathletics #bnvikings to see what we are all about! Questions can be directed to Ms Oatway.  Please note that this course runs outside the regular timetable.


* Prerequisites are not required for any of the senior courses.


PHE  Active Living 11/12 (PE 11/12) is an elective offered to those who have successfully completed PHE 10 and wish to continue to enhance their fitness and skill through the many activities involved. Both, team and individual activities are offered after consultation with the class.

Classes usually consist of a warm up (running, jogging, or dynamic warm up), followed by game play.

This course also fulfills the graduation requirement of DPA (Daily Physical Activity).


The objective for this course is similar to PHE Fieldtrip 10 with the intention to focus on the Outdoors. In addition to the opportunities given in our community, we will go on several trips to explore the outdoors within a wider parameter and include one overnight trips (hiking, canoeing, biking…). Students should be prepared to be active and outside.  No prerequisites required.


This course is designed for female students who wish to try a wide variety of workouts to stay fit. ‘Keep Fit’ offers yoga, zumba, pilates, jazzercise, dance, kickboxing, fencing, spin, belly dancing, weight training classes and many more activities.

In this course, students will also get information about the principles of fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle.

The goal of this course is for students to experience as many types of workouts as possible in a fun and relaxing atmosphere, and hopefully to inspire students to stay balanced in life, happy, healthy, and active.


This course focuses on improving students’ muscular strength and endurance while increasing their understanding of muscular anatomy and physiology.  Students will also be looking at areas of nutrition, weight programs, training equipment and technique safety.  The course also offers opportunities to learn and create a program to complement their sport. AM and PM Weight Training classes are available for those with a busy schedule.

FITNESS AND CONDITIONING 11/12–Weight Training for Girls*

Senior Girls Weight Training is a class that will help students improve their muscular strength, muscular endurance, body shape as well as overall health. This course is designed to use weightlifting to develop a positive mental and physical self.  The focus of this class is to provide students with the skills and confidence to work out in the community on their own.  This is a self-motivated course.  It is expected that participants arrive to class enthusiastic and motivated to workout independently.