Physical Education Department

Motto: Respect, Responsibility & Safety

Participation in Physical Education classes should be both a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It should be an opportunity for students to increase their understanding of PE concepts, increase their ability to perform PE skills, improve their level of fitness and increase their ability to appreciate and enjoy physical activities.

Participation in physical education in the senior years (grades 11 & 12) gives students a way to meet the 80 hours of physical activity required of the graduation portfolio as well as an opportunity to continue to develop their skills and maintain their fitness level.

Physical Education 8 – 10

The PE program at the grade 8 through 10 level is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in a wide variety of activities. In grades 8 & 9, the program consists mainly of involvement in team sports, with introductory skills and knowledge the focus. At the grade 10 level, the emphasis is directed more to recreational sports consistent with the concept of lifelong commitment to physical activity.

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All students will be provided with the opportunity to go ice skating. Helmets are readily available at Kensington Arena for all students and are mandatory if students wish to play broomball.

Students who cannot participate in regular physical activity on an ongoing basis due to medical illness or physical limitations are advised to consider the Adapted Program.

Physical Education 11

This is an elective offered to those who have successfully completed PE 10 and wish to continue to enhance their fitness through the many activities involved. This course meets the graduation criteria for 80 hours of activity. Both team and individual activities are offered after consultation with class members. An opportunity exists to participate in field trips to local community facilities based on class interest. These may include swimming, bowling, golfing, racquetball, canoeing or other alternatives. A fee will be assessed in September to cover the cost of these activities. (see other course options below)

Physical Education 12

This course provides a further opportunity to explore individual and team activities in greater depth.(see other course options below)

Keep Fit 11 & 12

This course is an elective course that meets the graduation requirement of 80 hours of physical activity. The focus is for students to continue with PE at the Senior level through participation in Fitness activities. (ex. Yoga, Aerobics, Resistance Tubes, Exercise ball activities, Weight training and Pilates) Use of community facilities may be offered depending on class interest. Grade 11 and 12 students will be given credit for PE 11 and PE 12 upon successful completion of the course.

Weight Training 11/12 (Girls)

This class is for all levels of physical fitness. This course includes both lecture and activity sessions. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of weight training, strength training, aerobic training, and nutrition for performance. The nature of this course is directed towards woman and training. Many issues are discussed in and around women’s health and fitness. This course is designed for highly motivated individuals with initiative who enjoy working up a sweat.

Physical Education Leadership 11

An application for acceptance to this course is required. All students in this course meet on Mondays at lunch (to plan events throughout the year such as the Terry Fox Run, seasonal sports banquets, intramurals and various tournaments. The course consists of two options.

Option 1: PE Leadership classroom

Students are assigned to a PE 8 or PE 9 class and work as a teaching assistant for the year.

Responsibilities include: taking attendance, leading warm-up activities, student evaluation, teaching skills & drills, refereeing and organization of equipment.

Option 2: PE Leadership first aid

Students complete the St. John’s ambulance Standard first aid course and are assigned to work in the first aid rooms during a regular timetable block.

Physical Education Leadership 12

This course provides an opportunity for students to further develop their leadership skills.

Physical Education 11 – Weightlifting

This course is optional to those students that have successfully completed PE 10. It is offered to those students who wish to continue to enhance their fitness through the application of weight training principles. This course meets the graduation requirements of 80 hours of activity. Students will utilize weight room equipment to improve muscular strength and tone. Cardiovascular activities will be included to ensure a balanced fitness program. Handouts will be used to provide knowledge in the areas of nutrition, anatomy, weight programs, and physiology.

Physical Education 12 – Weightlifting

This course provides the student with the opportunity to continue developing their weight training knowledge and fitness.

Physical Education 11/12 — Field Trip

This course is an extension of our PE 11 and 12 courses. The class structure parallels senior physical education with a focus on recreational field trips. Students registering for the course should be aware that optional costs are involved for activities both in and out of school. Snowshoeing, canoeing, laser tag, Capoeira, Velodrome Cycling, and Scuba Diving are examples of activities that students have engaged in.