Grade 8-12 Excel Information

Updated January 2021

At Burnaby North, Excel (Enriched and Honours) courses begin at the grade 8 level for Art, English, French, Mathematics, and Science. Students interested in applying for Excel courses in any of these areas must demonstrate a passion for the subject and want to explore it further.

There will be no placement exams for the 2021-2022 school year for incoming grade 8 students. Instead, students will be recommended to Excel based on student self-selection of Enrichment or Honours courses and possibly grade 7 teacher recommendation.

Grade Level Excel Program English Mathematics Modern
Science Social Studies Visual and Performing Arts
Grade 8 English 8 Enriched

Mathematics 8 Honours


Core 9 French Enriched (placement for Immersion students)     Visual Arts 8 Enriched
Grade 9 English 9 Enriched

Mathematics 9 Honours*


Core 9 French Enriched (for exceptional grade 9s*)
Core French 10 Enriched (former Immersion students)
Grade 10 English 10 Enriched

Mathematics 10 Honours*


Core French 10 Enriched (for exceptional grade 10s*)
Core French 11 Enriched (former Immersion students)

Mandarin 11 Enriched
(for exceptional grade 10s*)

    Media Arts 10 Enriched

Grade 11


Please refer to AP Requirements page for addition AP options.

English 11 Enriched/

Literature 12 Enirched

[8 credit course]


Mathematics 11 Honours*


Core French 11 Enriched (for exceptional grade 11s*)

Mandarin 11 Enriched

Chemistry 11 Honours

Life Science 11 Honours (formally Biology 11 Honours)
Physics 11 Honours

Please refer to AP Course Descriptions page for additional AP options.

Grade 12




Pre-Calculus 12 Honours*


      Art Studio 12 Enriched
Please refer to AP Course Descriptions page for additional AP options.

*based on teacher assessment and recommendation