Learning Support Services

Brochure of services available through LSS (.pdf)

Success Program

The Success Program is an after school program which assists students with homework and assignments. It operates from 3:15 to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday. Students are supported by a teacher and committed student tutors.

Students may get involved in the program in three ways:

-Students may choose to attend

-Parents may request that their child attend

– Teachers may assign a student to the Success Program if they think it would be beneficial


The Connect Program is available for drop-in in every block as an alternative learning space to provide students with additional support. All students can access the program with the permission of their classroom teacher.  Our goal is to work with students and their teachers so that all learners at Burnaby North can find success. 

Pre-Employment Program

The aim of this program is to provide students with the broadest range of skills, experiences and knowledge to become as “work-ready” as possible.

After finishing their grade 12 year, students receive a school-leaving certificate (Evergreen).

The program curriculum encompasses modified academic studies in English, Social Studies, Math and Science, a Functional Living Skills program, career and personal planning. Senior students complete out-of-school work experiences with local businesses and service providers. Students also operate in school businesses and participate in some adapted academic courses and electives.

Access Program

Access provides support for very exceptional students. The program provides a wide range of supports throughout a student’s high school years. Individualized programs are designed in consultation with teachers, parents/guardians, educational assistants and outside agencies. The program includes integrated classes, work experiences, functional academics, and community-based life skills opportunities.

Peer Tutoring

Burnaby North Secondary provides a credited course to train interested grade eleven and twelve students in becoming peer tutors.

Peer tutors work in classes throughout the school. Prospective peer tutors will undergo an application and screening process prior to being selected as a peer tutor.

Senior Alternate Program

The Alternate Program is a self-contained classroom which allows students the opportunity to find success in high school. Students work in small groups or on an individual basis on an adapted program with the goal of receiving a Dogwood Certificate. An emphasis is placed on workplace training and/or apprentice programs. Admission is based on administrative approval.


K. Ault – Alternate Program
J. Chiao – Access
C. Davis – Connect/Humanities/ Peer Tutoring
K. Douglas – Connect
J. Manderson – Connect
S. McCutcheon – Access
M. McKee – Alternate Program
M. Pedersen – Pre-Employment
K. Rockwell – Connect
S. Shahidi – Department Head
T. Yee – Connect/Math IXL

Vice Principal

C. Lekakis

 Educational Assistants

T. Chesman
B. D’Angelo
T. Four
K. Goodrich
P. Jensen
J. Kong
J. Mah
A. McKinnon
N. Olynyk
E. Poulson
C. Russell
Y. Sarmiento
P. Serrano
D. Scrabucha
J. Wu