Business Education Department

The Business Education department offers courses for students in grades 8-12. Read the course descriptions below and visit our website.

Grade 8

Business Education 8

This in an introductory business course. In the course, students learn to use image editing software, data analysis with spreadsheet, and about responsible and ethical use of computer, digital footprint, and internet safety.

Grade 9/10

Business Computer Applications 9/10

A broad range of computer skills is essential for today’s students and employees. The new Computer Applications 9/10 course takes a hands-on, project based approach to teach students computer skills that they can develop and use throughout their secondary and post-secondary education. Some of the skills and topics taught include multimedia presentations, keyboarding, Internet researching, website design, word processing, game programming, graphic editing, charts and graphs, using databases, sound & video editing, surveys, resumes and reports, 3D animation and product design, computer hardware, and the use of multimedia devices.

Course Alternatives:

    Introduction to Business 9-10

Introduction to Business 9-10

This course teaches students the basics of business in the twenty-first century. Students will learn about Investing, Marketing, Accounting, Tourism, Banking and much more. Utilizing the computer lab, students will complete a variety of assignments, which are stimulating and unique. Working in groups or alone these assignments will reinforce the students learning and put an exciting perspective on learning.

Course Highlights:

      • Stock Market trading game: every student gets $100,000 to invest in the stock market and show off his or her investing skills.
      • Titan Business Simulation Game: run your own business game and compete against other teams in the class. Show the class that you have the best business sense!!

Course Alternatives: Business Computer Applications 9-10

Grade 11

Accounting 11

“Do your numbers add up?”

In this course, you will learn basic accounting concepts such as keeping track of a company’s financial position, revenue, and expenses. In addition, you will be able to understand basic financial information to update and create some financial documents in the accounting cycle.

Type of student who would enjoy this course: Students who enjoy a very structured classroom environment will enjoy this course. This course is for students who are interested in how businesses keep track of how much money they make.

Course Highlights:

      • Do your numbers add up? – Accounting Race
      • Accounting Monopoly

Course Alternatives: Business Computer Applications 11, Marketing 11

Follow Up Courses: Financial Accounting 12,  Marketing 12

Business Computer Applications 11

This is a practical hands on course designed to introduce students to business oriented application software. This course will introduce technology applications, skill development, business communications and presentation development. The overall theme of this course is to provide real-life business applications using industry-standard software. It will also allow students to apply a variety of communication skills, methods and strategies to communication in business situations.

Course Highlights:

      • Create your own company’s business plan, business cards, and design a web page.
      • Customize your own personalized calendar for a family member or friend.

Course Alternatives: Accounting 11, Marketing 11, Information Technology 12

Marketing 11

“Marketing drives the world”

In this course students will learn about the four Ps of marketing: product, promotion, place, and price. Students will understand how marketing and consumer behavior influence each other. In addition, students will analyze how changes in economic, political, social, cultural, and legal factors influence marketing.

Type of student who would enjoy this course: Students who are interested in business and in understanding all the mass media around them will enjoy this course.

Course Highlights:

      • My 30 second TV commercial
      • BNYCU Marketing Campaign
      • Field Trip to Whistler

Good Alternate Courses: Accounting 11, Business Computer Application 11, Web Page Design 11

Follow Up Courses: Marketing 12, Financial Accounting 12, Accounting 12, DIM 12, IT 12

Tourism 11/12

“1 out of 8 jobs in BC are in Tourism Industry”

In this course, students will explore BC’s largest and fastest growing industry from merging international markets, the economic impact of the 2010 Olympics to the five major sectors of tourism, and different careers in the tourism industry. Students will also explore elements of Serving It Right and the SuperHost programs.

Type of student who would enjoy this course: Students who enjoy traveling, planning, and learning about different cultures.

Course Highlights:

      • “Dream Vacation” project
      • Field Trip to Whistler

Course Alternatives: Marketing 11, Web Page Design 11, Business Computer Application 11

Follow Up Courses: Marketing 12, Accounting 12, Financial Accounting 12

Grade 12

Accounting 12

In this course, students will develop practical accounting skills that they can use for an entry-level accounting workplace, starting their own business, and managing their own finances. Course topics include the accounting cycle, bank reconciliation, payroll, and personal income tax returns. Students will also be introduced to the computer software Simply Accounting. No prerequisites.

Suitable students: This course is ideal for students who want to learn basic and practical accounting skills (for work and personal life) but are not planning to pursue a career in accounting. No previous accounting knowledge required. Students who enjoy working in a structured learning environment will likely do well in this course.

Course highlights:

      • Accounting Monopoly
      • Prepare your own tax return (and how to get money back!)
      • Learn to use Simply Accounting software

Alternative course: Financial Accounting 12

Computer Science 12AP

This great course introduces students to computer programming using the popular Java language. By the end of the course, students are able to develop their own programs, create games, and even control robots and sensor devices. Students start by learning the basic features of the Java language and progress until they have successfully completed the equivalent of a first year university course in programming. In early May, most students chose to write the AP Computer Science Exam in order to receive university credit for the course.

Entrepreneurship 12

“Be your own boss”

The course is designed to take students through the stages required to develop and begin to operate a business. It covers the personal characteristics that make an entrepreneur, the elements of a viable business, and helps the students assess strengths and weaknesses in order to make good choices about their enterprises. The course will cover the necessary steps in writing a business plan and help students organize for operating a business and provide the opportunity to begin running a business of their own.

Type of student who would enjoy this course: Students who are interested in starting or managing a business in the future.

Course Highlights:

      • Business venture
      • Business game simulation

Course Alternatives: Marketing 12, Accounting 12, Financial Accounting 12

Follow Up Courses: Marketing 12, Accounting 12, Financial Accounting 12, Data Management 12, Information Technology 12

Financial Accounting 12

This course is strongly recommended for students who are planning to pursue post-secondary studies in commerce and business administration. This university-level course prepares students for first-year financial accounting, a required course in university business programs. Students will also learn about post-secondary and career opportunities in accounting.

Suitable students: In addition to students who are planning to pursue business and accounting studies after high school, those who enjoy working with numbers and analyzing financial information in a structured classroom environment are encouraged to take this course.

Course highlights:

      • Participate in the Accounting Race and similar in-class competitions
      • Get ahead of other first year business students without financial accounting background

Alternative course: Accounting 12

Information Technology 12

Multimedia Development, Website Design, Game Programming, Digital Graphics, Everything to do with the Internet, and Digital Communications are a just a few of the many topics taught in this course. Information Technology 11/12 is a hands-on, project-based course that introduces and educates students in a wide variety of topics surrounding today’s fun world of information technology.

Information Technology 12 Development

A large part of this course involves students developing large-scale projects by using, and building upon, skills and concepts taught in their previous IT course. These projects will guide students through the process of planning, designing, developing, and testing their IT creation. Students are expected to have taken an IT course prior to taking this course.

Management Innovation 12

In this course, students will gain basic knowledge on how to manage people, teams, and other resources in business organizations. Students will explore the effectiveness of various management styles, identify challenges facing businesses, and apply their knowledge by practising managerial decision making through class activities. This course will hep students prepare for the first-year Organizational Behaviour course required in most post-secondary business programs.

Suitable students: This course is ideal for students who are planning to pursue post-secondary studies in business administration and management.

Alternative courses: Entrepreneurship 12, Marketing 12, Financial Accounting 12

Marketing 12

Marketing 12 is an activity-based course that allows students to gain first-hand experience in business-management and entrepreneurship. The course emphasizes advertising, marketing, and retailing. Students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of marketing strategies as they apply their knowledge to retail merchandising, use the principle of responsible business and ethical practises, and organize information related to various marketing situations.

Course Highlights:

      • Rose A Grams, Ghost A Grams, and Santa Grams
      • Design and Market School Clothing: students design school clothes such as, toques, sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, water bottles and much more.
      • Manage and Operate the Beat and Temptations: students manage, decide on stock and staff the two food/snack stores in the school.
      • Event Week: learn great marketing skills by running your own school event at lunch or after school. Who will be the most successful??

Course Alternatives:Entrepreneurship 12, Tourism 12, Accounting 12