Business Education Department

Updated January 2021

Welcome to the Business Education department!  We offer courses in business enterprise and computer science for students in grades 8-12 (Course Brochure).  See course descriptions below:

Grade 8

Business Education 8 (required component of ADST 8)

As part of the ADST 8 rotation, all grade 8 students will spend 1/3 of the school year in Business Education 8.  Taught in a computer lab, students in this course will learn to use image editing software, data analysis with spreadsheet, and about responsible and ethical use of computer, digital footprint, and internet safety.  Students are also introduced to basic concepts in business and entrepreneurship.

Grades 9-12

Business Courses

Introduction to Business 9/10

Do you want to have fun learning about today’s business world and developing practical business skills?

In this highly recommended elective course, students will learn the basics of business in the twenty-first century. Topics include banking, investing, marketing, accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, and much more. Utilizing the computer lab, students will complete a variety of learning activities, which are stimulating and unique. Working in groups or individually these assignments will reinforce the students learning and put an exciting perspective on learning.  One of the highlights for the course is the stock market simulation in which you will compete against your classmates to be the top investor in the class!

This foundational course will help prepare students for senior business courses in grades 11 and 12.

Accounting 11

In this course, you will learn basic accounting concepts such as keeping track of a company’s financial position, revenue, and expenses. In addition, you will be able to understand basic financial information to update and create financial statements in the accounting cycle.  This course will lead to the advanced accounting concepts taught in Financial Accounting 12. Students who work well in a very structured classroom environment will enjoy this course.

Marketing and Promotion 11

What makes a successful product? How do consumers decide what products to buy? How do we use marketing to increase sales and profits?

Enter the world of marketing and promotion by understanding the minds of consumers while balancing the goals and missions of a business.  In this course, students will learn the importance of the Product, Place, Price and Placement of all the products and services we see in the world around us.  Students will experience what is required to launch a successful marketing campaign and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different promotional strategies used.  Case studies of businesses will be used to help develop students’ knowledge and skills.

AP Economics 12

One of the most popular AP courses at Burnaby North!  This course will cover the curriculum for both AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics.  Microeconomics will focus on the supply and demand for products, labour markets, and the role competition plays in a free market system.  Macroeconomics will focus on the economy as a whole, including economic measures, economic growth, fiscal policy, monetary policy, and international trade.  The knowledge and skills students that skills learn in this class will be beneficial for students in any career field and help them become better informed citizens about our economy.

Students will receive separate course credits for both AP Micro and AP Macro, and will be prepared to write both AP Exams (and earn credits for two university level courses).  This course will move at a fast pace.  Extensive math skills are not required.  However, the ability to analyze graphs and charts is essential.

Economics 12

Learn how the economy works!  In this course, you will study practical topics such as demand and supply, economic growth, unemployment, and government policy.  Compared to AP Economics, this course moves at a slower pace and more emphasis will be placed on applications and current events.  Highly recommended for all students pursuing post-secondary studies, especially in commerce and business administration.

Financial Accounting 12

This course is strongly recommended for students who are planning to pursue post-secondary studies in commerce and business administration. This university-level course prepares students for first-year financial accounting, a required course in university business programs. Students will also learn about post-secondary and career opportunities in accounting. In addition to students who are planning to pursue business and accounting studies after high school, those who enjoy working with numbers and analyzing financial information in a structured classroom environment are encouraged to take this course.  Accounting 11 is highly recommended.

Marketing (E-Commerce) 12 – School Store

Marketing 12 is an activity-based course that allows students to gain first-hand experience in business-management and entrepreneurship.  Students will take a leadership role in running the school store. The course emphasizes advertising, marketing, and retailing.  Students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of marketing strategies as they apply their knowledge to retail merchandising, use the principle of responsible business and ethical practices, and organize information related to various marketing situations.  Students will also be introduced to the development of the digital retail environment and the economics of e-commerce.

Course activities and highlights include:

  • Rose A Grams, Ghost A Grams, and Santa Grams
  • Design and Market School Clothing: students design school clothes such as, toques, sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, water bottles and much more.
  • Manage and Operate the school store: students manage, decide on stock and staff the two food/snack stores in the school.
  • Event Week: learn great marketing skills by running your own school event at lunch or after school. Who will be the most successful??

Entrepreneurship 12

The course is designed to take students through the stages required to develop and begin to operate a business. It covers the personal characteristics that make an entrepreneur, the elements of a viable business, and helps the students assess strengths and weaknesses in order to make good choices about their enterprises. The course will cover the necessary steps in writing a business plan and help students organize for operating a business and provide the opportunity to begin running a business of their own.  This is an ideal course for students who are interested in starting or managing a business in the future.  Open to students in grades 11 and 12.

Business and Organizational Behaviour 12

A unique interdisciplinary course, Business and Organizational Behaviour 12 taps into the fields of business, psychology, and career education.  This course is ideal for students interested in the study of psychology and human behaviour in a business or workplace environment.  In this class, students will learn how to work with people with different personalities, motivate and manage employees, conduct business with people from different cultures, handle conflicts and negotiate successfully, develop skills to be an effective leader, and more.

This course is valuable for students pursuing any career field as the skills they learn through this course are transferable from the classroom to their career work environments.  Open to all students in grade 11 or 12.

Computer Science Courses

Computer Applications 9/10

A broad range of computer skills is essential for today’s students and employees. The Computer Applications 9/10 course takes a hands-on, project-based approach to teach students computer skills that they can develop and use throughout their secondary and post-secondary education.

Some of the skills and topics taught include:  Photoshop, web site design, game programming, word processing, charts/graphs, 3D modelling, surveys, data management, the Internet, computer hardware & terminology, sound editing, blogging, ethical Issues, digital communications, and more.  A modular course for the beginner that gets you learning about computers and their applications.

Computer Programming – Game Programming 10-12

This is an introductory programming course for students with no experience.  Learn to create video games for your phone, tablet, computer, or the web.

Digital Media Development – 3D Modelling and Animation 12

Learn the skills in creating 3D models and animation using Blender.  You will have opportunities to 3D print your own models and work in a team to create an animated short.  These projects will guide students through the process of planning, designing, developing, and testing their creation. Students are expected to have previously taken an information technology course prior to taking this class.

 AP Computer Science 12

This great course introduces students to computer programming using the popular Java language. By the end of the course, students are able to develop their own programs, create games, and even control robots and sensor devices. Students start by learning the basic features of the Java language and progress until they have successfully completed the equivalent of a first year university course in programming. Students will be prepared to write the AP Computer Science Exam in order to receive university credit for the course.  Prior programming course is recommended but not required.