Start of School Info for September

file1881282175101General Information for All Grades for September 2017


  • Grades 9-11’s report to their division classes at 11:00 (dismissal at 11:30)
    • Grade 12’s report to the North Gym by 11:00 (dismissal from Homerooms at 11:45).
  • Grade 8’s report to the North Gym at 12:30 (dismissal at 14:00 from South Gym)
  • Division Homeroom Lists

**Scroll to the bottom of the page to view more detailed, grade specific information**

The division lists will be posted by the Saturday before school begins on the windows of the north building near the cafeteria and on the windows of the main door of the south building (Library entrance). If you are new to North, use the school maps (North & South) to help you locate your division room.

Important! Please read the following documents BEFORE the start of school. Please translate if necessary.

Grade specific Information


please translate these documents if needed