Agenda Planner Info

Detail of a weekly agenda with tape flags and pens

Updated September 2023

All grade 8 students receive a printed copy of the school agenda planner in September.  Grade 9-12 students are encouraged to keep their work organised as well, though many prefer to use digital apps.  For those students who wish to organise on paper, the following agenda pages are available:

  • BNS Calendar 2023-2024 Student Planner Format–This version has school events on the monthly calendar, not on the weekly agenda pages (more room for writing)
  • BNS Calendar 2023-2024 Teacher Planner Format–This version has school events on the monthly calendar, AND on the weekly agenda pages.  This allows users the choice of printing only the agenda pages and still having a list of events.
  • BNS Staff Calendar 2023-2024_Sept1–This is ONLY the monthly calendars that list all the school events.  It’s good to have as an offline reference at home and as an insert if you prefer to use your own preprinted agenda/journal for organisation.

If you’re wondering how to make the best use of your planner, here’s a lesson to help you determine

    • where you have free time
    • where you can schedule your homework/studying, and
    • how to learn to use your working time as efficiently as possible
    • how to keep track of your work progress

Students may also want to make a weekly time management plan, especially if they’re struggling with workload, completing work, getting to school on time, and other normal struggles that can be improved with some targeted effort.  Download How to Stay Organised—Weekly Time Management (PDF)