Parent Groups

  • Music Parent Committee
  • Parent Advisory Committee (PAC): Parents are welcome to attend the monthly PAC meeting to get up to date information and give feedback to the PAC executive.
  • District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC)

PAC Email/Listserv Communication Update

Please note that to join the list, update your subscribed email address, or leave the list, you must send an email to with the subject line: Subscribe PAC Listserv or Unsubscribe PAC listserv. Your e-mail MUST INCLUDE the name and grade of your child(ren) and home phone number. We are unable to update the list without this information. We apologize for any delays in updating your membership.

Assessment & Reporting Information

New Reporting Information for Families

These resources will provide families with information about how student learning will be assessed moving forward.  While report cards will still contain information about student learning and progress, the information on the report card will look different this year.  These resources explain how and why.

Report Card Production Explained

While the ways in which we report student assessment is shifting in 2023-2024, the process for producing a report card remains largely unchanged.  If you are unfamiliar with the actual process that goes into publishing a report card, we recommend you check out our infographic explainer which makes it clear what the difference is between what you may see in the MyEd Portal gradebook and the PDF Report Card.

Graduation Events Information (Click for Details)

Student Accident Insurance

Details are available in this memo from the school district: StudentAccidentInsurance_SchoolsCopy

School Presentations Archive

The presentations here are archives from events previously held at BNS. Each year’s presentation will be archived only AFTER the event is held at school. Events vary from year to year. If the event is not held in the current school year, the previous year’s presentation will remain here for reference. Keep in mind that not all information in the archived presentations will still be accurate.

2021 Virtual Open House Presentations (NOTE: These are large files and may take a while to load)

Grade 12 Parent Information Night (Oct. 2023)

High School Graduation and Beyond (Nov. 10,2014)

Study Skills Presentation (Sept. 23, 2010)

Scholarship Application Information (October 2011)

Academic Excellence at Burnaby North (2005/2006)

School Plan

School Courses

Other Resources