Staff Directory

To email a staff member, either click on their name to open a send window in your desktop email client; OR right-click their name, select “copy email address”, and paste it into your webmail message window.

Some staff have phone extensions where they can be reached directly during the day.  Phone messages for all staff can be left at the office: 604-296-6875.  You can leave a voicemail through the system or press 0 to speak to reception.  If you are leaving a message, please include the specific reason for your call in order to help us respond to your concern more quickly.

Staff Member & Email Department Additional Contact(s)
Mr. Rawnsley Principal
Mr. Goeson Vice-Principal (K-Z)
Mr. Martino Vice-Principal (A-J)
COUNSELLORS  Updated Aug. 2018  Phone 604-296-6875
Mr. J. Ashfield Counsellor (Lia-Sa; Bridge Program) ext. 604016
Ms D. Cho Counsellor (International Students) (on leave) ext. 604017
Ms. S. Finnbogason Counsellor (on leave)
Mr. M. Hawkins Counsellor (A-Gn) ext. 604018
Ms W. Lum Counsellor (Go-Li) ext. 604014
Mr. L. Scaligine Liaison for AP/Honours courses, acting Counsellor (International Students)
Ms M. Smith Counsellor (Sc-Z); Department Head ext. 604015
Ms. Alves Social Studies; Aboriginal Education (on leave)
Mr. Archibald Career Programs; Applied Skills, Department Head Website
Mr. Arnold Youth Engagement Worker, Bridge Program (District)
Mr. Ault Mathematics; Industry Connect (Music Production & Technology) Website
Ms. Balchen-Stitt Visual and Performing Arts (Music)
Mr. Berg ELL
Ms. Bernabei Science Website
Ms. Berning Physical Education; Department Head
Ms. Bettles English
Mr. Blackwell Mathematics, Science
Ms Bousfield District Vision Support Teacher
Ms. Byrne Social Studies; Leadership/Mentorship Website
Mr. Byrne Visual and Performing Arts, Department Head; Industry Connect (Film & Broadcast)
Ms. C. Carey Social Studies, Department Head; ReThink Website
Mr. M. Carey Career Programs; Planning
Ms G. Chan District Settlement Worker
Mr. V. Chan Applied Skills (Business Education)
Ms Chiao Learning Support
Ms. Chow International Student Assistant

ext. 604021

cel. 604-329-6031

Ms Christofides English, ELL
Mr. Claudio Learning Support; Department Head
Mr. Cohen Visual and Performing Arts (Music); Planning (for Ms Steiger)
Ms Cowley English Website
Ms Davis Learning Support, Connect, ReThink
Ms. Di Lauro Modern Languages
Ms. Dos Reis Modern Languages
Ms Drake Mathematics Website
Ms Fisher Mathematics, Science
Mr. Fung Applied Skills (Business Education)  Survey
Mr. Gabriel Mathematics Website
Mr. Gahunia Mathematics
Ms Gallagher Bridge Program (District)
Ms. Garcia Modern Languages, Department Head Website
Ms Gillard English, ELL (for Ms LeBlanc)
Ms. Gladwin Teacher-Librarian Website
Ms. Hardjowasito English; AP Capstone
Ms Hodanic Visual & Performing Arts (Dance); Modern Languages Website
Mr. Hsueh Mathematics
Ms. Ingratta Science Website
Mr. Janetka Applied Skills (Business Education)  Website
Mr. Johnson Applied Skills (Business Education)
Ms Jolliffe Social Studies; Aboriginal Education (for Ms Alves)
Mr. Kim Applied Skills (Business Education); Mathematics
Ms. Klim Physical Education
Mr. Laurita Physical Education, Social Studies
Ms. LeBlanc ELL, English (on leave)
Ms. Lehtonen Visual and Performing Arts (Art) Website
Ms. Lu Modern Languages
Ms. Lynch Mathematics
Mrs. Lyons Aboriginal Education  604-760-2584
Ms. Macrae Visual and Performing Arts (Art)
Mr. Magnuson Physical Education, Applied Skills (Home Economics)
Ms Malito Modern Languages
Ms. Manderson Learning Support; Visual and Performing Arts (Art & Media); Applied Skills (Technology Education); Social Studies (Philosophy)
Mr. Mawani Science
Ms McCutcheon Learning Support
Ms. McKee Learning Support  ext. 604531
Mr. McPhee Science Website
Mr. Mehling Science, Department Head; Burnaby Online Liaison
Ms Merx School Psychologist (District)
Ms. Mihic Social Studies Website
Mr. Miljanic Physical Education; Social Studies Active Health 10 Personal Trainer Project_online
Mr. Montgomery Career Preparation Website
Mr. Morozov Applied Skills (Technology Education)
Ms. Mushens English, Department Head
Ms Nakano ELL
Mr. Nedd Modern Languages (for Ms Malito)
Ms Oatway Athletic Director; Physical Education
Ms. Paterson Mathematics Website
Ms. Peckenpaugh Modern Languages
Mr. Pedersen Learning Support
Ms. Peters Physical Education
Mr. Roberts English
Mr. Rosin Mathematics Website
Mr. Salatellis Bridge Program (District)
Mr. Sandhu Youth Services Worker
Mr. Scaligine Physical Education; AP Capstone; Scholarships; Excel Program
Mr. Seehagen English
Ms. Shim Science Website
Mr. E. Smith Applied Skills (Technology Education)
Ms. H. Smith English
Mr. Sokugawa Social Studies Website
Ms. Steiger Visual and Performing Arts (Music); Planning (on leave)  ext. 604406
Ms. Steudel Visual and Performing Arts (Art)
Ms. Stokes ELL Website
Mr. Storch Social Studies
Mr. Tang District Hearing Resource Teacher
Mr. A. Taylor Science Website
Mrs. C. Taylor Physical Education
Ms. Teng-Davis Visual and Performing Arts (Art)
Mr. Thiessen Social Studies Website
Ms. Tooley Social Studies; Leadership; Student Government
Ms. Van Der
Modern Languages
Ms. Versteeg Science Website
Ms. Vint Applied Skills (Home Economics) Website
Mr. Walton Science Website
Ms Watson District Vision Support Teacher, Certified Orientation and Mobility Instructor
Mr. Watts Applied Skills (Technology Education)
Ms Wilson Science
Mr. Williams English
Ms. Wong Mathematics  Website
Ms. Xiao Modern Languages
Mr. Yarmie English, ELL
Ms Yee Learning Support
Ms. Young Mathematics; Department Head (acting) Website