Report Cards Explained

Updated August 2023

The Report Card for the most recently completed term can be found in the MyEducation Portal; check the school website for the announcement that they have been posted.

Please note that student report cards will not be printed by the school. We recommend families save the pdf version of each term’s report cards for their records, as previous report cards are not available once a new one has been published.

For more information on how to use MyEd go to:

The Report Card Creation Process

NOTE:  While the new reporting order introduced in 2023-2024 has changed how some teachers determine the achievement level/grade to assign to each student, the logistics of how the information is processed from classroom teachers to the office/administators to the final publication remains the same.

Evaluating students’ progress is a frequent part of a teacher’s year.  How that information is shared with students and parents can vary, but when it comes to preparing official report cards, there are some aspects of the process that are quite common.  To help students and parents understand the process and to help demystify the role of the family portal (gradebook), we have designed an infographic to explain the report card process.

Most parts of the evaluation process are controlled by the teacher and their professional judgments, though others are caused by technology.  For example, while teachers may opt to display grades in the portal gradebook during the term, once our official report card process begins, it forces term grades (though not individual assignments) to be viewable in the gradebook.  This can sometimes lead to confusion that we hope the infographic can help to reduce.

When considering the process, please remember that there may be slight variations in the process from teacher to teacher, subject to subject, and/or school to school.  This is a summary of the most common steps at Burnaby North.  If you have a questions about a specific process or grade in a specific course, it is always best to ask the teacher directly.

Thanks to Kaitlin C. and Marissa W. in the English 11 New Media class for their infographic design.

How to create a report card- Infographics (.PDF)

How to create a report card, page 1

How to create a report card, page 1

How to create a report card, page 2

How to create a report card, page 2