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Introducing Paperless Report Cards!


April 21st, students will receive a personalized letter about the new MyEducationBC Family Portal access.  With the introduction of the Family Portal, SD41 is changing to paperless report cards.  To ensure that you have access to the features of the portal and Term 3/Final Report Cards, you must verify that the login and email information is correct on the letter provided to your child.

The letter will look similar to the text below, but will include information specific to your family.


Student Login: [login goes here]               Password: [password goes here]

The Burnaby School District is currently in the process of rolling out the MyEducationBC Family Portal.

With Family Portal access, Parents/Guardians will be able to login and view the following for their son/daughter:

  • Attendance entries
  • Student schedules
  • Next Year Course Requests
  • Term/Final Report Cards**

**(Note: hard copies will not be sent home. This year the final report card will be made available online)

In order for parents/guardians to be able to access the Family Portal, the school will require a valid email address on file for each Parent/Guardian who is to have access.

Listed below are the email address(es) that the school has on file for the Parent/Guardian associated with your son/ daughter:

Mother: [name goes here]                        Email: [address goes here]

Father: [name goes here]                        Email: [address goes here]

Please review the above email address(es).  If there are changes or if your email address is missing, please follow the instructions below.

(Note: The system will not allow the school to create an account for parents/guardians if there is no email on file).

Notify the school by emailing as follows: 

  • Include “Family Portal” and your child’s name in the subject line
    • eg: “Family Portal – John Smith”
  • Be sure to email from the email address you wish to have on file

Note:  An email account must be provided for each parent/guardian that wishes to have Family Portal access

This information must be received no later than Tuesday, May 2nd

Further Instructions on the use of the Family Portal will be forthcoming.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation in assisting us with the introduction to the new Family Portal.

Users should receive their Family Portal login information via email by mid-May.  If you do not receive this email, please check your trash/spam/junk folder.  Contact the office if you require further assistance.