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Congratulations to our French Competitors!

Concours d'art oratoire banner from Canadian Parents for French (BC)Congratulations to all the French language students who participated in the French Public Speaking Contest (Le concours d’art oratoire). We are very pleased to report that the following Burnaby North students were finalists at the District Level Concours Oratoire 2018!

Gold medal winners will go on to the Provincial Level Competition, being held on May 5, 2018 at Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus. Bonne chance!


Category Award Name Speech Title
Combined Immersion Combinée 9 BRONZE Claire S. Les bénéfices des vétérans
Core French 9 GOLD Emily L. Le temps qui passe

Core French 12


GOLD Selena C. Sur le genou

Combined Immersion 11


BRONZE Roy H. L’économie de la nature

Early Immersion 12


SILVER Alessia R. Pourquoi quitter mon pays pour étudier a l’étranger
Early Immersion 12 BRONZE Tara S. La compétition athlétique
Francophone 9 GOLD Aileen X. L’âge légal du vote