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BNS Book Bingo

Do you like to read?  Or do you want to like reading more?  Are you a committed reader stuck in a rut?  Do you want to grow the types of books you like?  Or find something you’d actually LIKE to read?  Book Bingo is for ALL of you!

Read!  Learn!  Win!

How to Play BNS Book Bingo

  1. Read a text you’ve never read before that matches a category on the Book Bingo Game Card (PDF).
  2. When you finish reading the text, complete the book info in ONE box
    1. Each title you read counts for only ONE box; if a book meets more than one criteria, you must choose which box to use when you finish the book.
    2. Boxes must be complete as you finish the texts, so you can’t ‘bank’ them for later to make a better play.
  3. Complete a row (across, down, or diagonal) to qualify for a raffle ticket.
  4. Show your completed row to your a teacher (your English teacher if this is also an assigned reading activity). The teacher will mark off and initial the row you have completed and give you a raffle ticket.
  5. Fill out the raffle ticket with your name, grade, and the teacher who gave you the ticket and put it in the draw box in the Library.
  6. Find a new book and keep reading! If you fill in a card, get a new one from your teachers or the Library… and keep reading.

The prize draw will happen at the END of each term.  Good luck!