Wednesday, February 1, 2023 – DAY 2


Daily Health Check: Have you done your daily heath check?

ARTONA PHOTOS: STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT HAD THIER PICTURE TAKEN GO TODAY, FEB 1ST -THIS MORNING IN THE LIBRARY – The following students are eligible to have their picture taken by Artona in the Library TODAY, Feb 1st.  Please encourage them if they are in your class so they can get their Go-cards. NO RETAKES!

UsualLast UsualFirst Grade UsualLast UsualFirst Grade
Albores Briones Eder 10 DEL FRATE Caterina 12
Albores Briones Fatima 8 Doupe Erin 12
Alexson Paris 12 ECKEL Niklas Ramin 11
Alfashkhi Jawad 9 Elkabbany Doraya 9
Alsadoud Bashar 12 ESLAMPANAH Roham 11
Armstrong Brooklyn 9 Eynnemat Diyana 12
Arriola Natalia 8 GITINAMA Mandy 11
Austin Ethan 12 Green Kylie 10
Awano Kohei 9 GUARESCHI Pier Paolo 12
BAK Seoyoung 9 Han Yunsung 12
BARAKZAI Zuhal 11 Hayre Ava 12
Barbachkov Dmitry 9 Heide Max 10
BARRERA MEZA Maria-Gracia 11 Hu Cissi 8
Beltran Lopez Derek 8 Ing Simon 12
Brown Jackson 11 Ishak David 10
Bui Linh Chi 10 Jensen Jessica 11
Buljevic Taya 8 JEON Kevin 12
Chalmers William 11 KAN Rhiann 10
Chan Ria 11 KIM JUHEON 9
Cheng Jasper 9 KIM Olivia 9
Cheng Nadia 9 Kwok Evan 9
Choi Harang 9 Lai Edward 11
Ciaccia Mangat Gia 9 LAM ALBERT 8
De Faria Yusuf 8 LEI Lisa 10
De Vera John Alistair 12 Li Jakin Lok 11
Dekkers Ayden 9 Lock Sarah 11
Dekkers Gabriel 9  


UsualLast UsualFirst Grade UsualLast UsualFirst Grade
Loftus Lawrence 10 Santo Isabela 12
Lu Alex 9 Seetharaman Rithul 11
Lukashova Katrina 12 SELLAHEWA Devni Nisakya 12
Madam Keiran 11 Smith Triton 12
Marcotte Nate 12 SPINA Giorgia 12
Marzin Vincent 8 Squance Kaito 12
MAVOLO Angela 12 Steenhuus Elias 12
McConnell Claire 12 Stennitt Aspen 12
McCowan Logan 8 Stock Julian 10
Mena-Cook Mia 9 Tracy Michael 11
Mi Brian 10 TRAN Hao 9
Mihoc Julia 8 Tucci Thomas 12
Morin-Marcus Neo 9 Tucker Ayana 10
Nadary Shanae 12 Vandermey Jacob 9
Naing Lindsey 12 Vukelic Marko 12
Nezamolmolki Diana 8 Walji Cibelle 8
Numainville Elyse 8 Weisbrod Mikhaila 10
Ottoson James 8 Wium Russell 10
PAK Suyoung 10 Wood Aiden 9
Paranhos Rodrigues Juliana 12 Yadegari Diana 12
Passaglia Mikaela 12 Yazdani Biuki Arya 12
Pedraza Moreno Cristian 9 YEH Blaire 9
Peralta Timothy 10 YOSHIDA Tina Ehigiato 10
PETROVA Marketa 10 Zainal Kaivon 12
Pollak Brodie 9 Zhang Kevin 12
RAMIREZ REYES Karla Carolina 11 Zhang Lisa 11
Ramirez Daniel 10 Zohouri Amir 11

Black History Month: Do you know who Adhel Arop is? An activist, multidisciplinary artist, poet, and model, Adhel Arop is a talented Black artist residing in Vancouver. As a Kenyan-born filmmaker, she filmed “Who Am I?”, a short documentary that delves into the effects of war on her family, notably her mother’s time spent as a child soldier in the Sudanese Liberation Army. Through art, she confronts her trauma in experiencing a refugee life in South Sudan to define her identity. She is very involved in the Black Lives Matter protest and her main goal is to shift the White Gaze that shapes people’s worldview. Check out this link to learn more about her story:

Good morning Burnaby North! Valentine’s day is coming up – roses and bouquets are being sold at the North foyer during lunch until Feb. 10th. Gift your friends and loved ones’ roses to show how much you care. The roses will be delivered on Valentine’s day.

Senior Science Fair Projects: Any grade 10 -12 students who are working on Science Fair Projects must let Mr. Taylor know by Friday, Feb.3 at 3pm, either by email ( or in person, to be included in the School Wide Science Fair on Tuesday, Feb.21.  Participation in the School Wide Science Fair is mandatory to qualify for the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair at UBC from April 13-15.

Chinese Instrument Try-Out: Hey Vikings! Are you interested in trying out the various Eastern traditional instruments such as Guzheng, Erhu, and Suona? The Chinese Orchestra is hosting an instrument try out event on Wednesday, February 1st at lunch in the Gallery. Come in to experience a different style of music and have a beginner lesson with our special guest from the China Conservatory of Music.

AP Capstone applications now available – are you a grade 10 student interested in AP Capstone? A recorded info session and digital application can be found online under your grade 10 Teams (the same one as your course selection presentations were hosted in). Paper applications also available in basket in front of student services. Completed applications are due to M. Mihic (print or digital) to Ms. Mihic before February 28th 3PM. Late applications will not be accepted.

Yearbook: Hey artists, submit an art piece to be featured in the yearbook. All works of art must include a note with student’s first and last name, name of the piece, student number, and grade. If you are sending a digital piece to the email write the note in the email. If it is a digital piece of artwork, please submit a 300 DPI photo to If it is a physical piece of art, please drop it off to room 311.

Math Challengers: There will be an important meeting for all members of the Math Challengers Team, Tuesday at lunch in room 105 to discuss the regional competition.  All team members must attend or speak to Ms. Drake personally.

Math Contests:  All grade 9, 10 and 11 students interested in writing the Waterloo math contests (Pascal, Cayley and Fermat), please make sure to pay on School Cash Online.  The deadline is this Wednesday February 1st.   Any students interested in being in Math 10, 11 or 12 Honors must write the contest!  Note: The grade 8 Gauss contest for students going into Math 9 Honors doesn’t take place until May.

Access Coffee Program North Bldg: Hi BNS! We have some new products in the Access Coffee Program (North Building, second floor at the end of the hallway by the CONNECT room).  Come and check them out during nutrition break!

Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program: The Rotary Club of Burnaby is offering a fully- funded opportunity for Burnaby youths to attend a leadership workshop in Ottawa, Ontario from May 14-17, 2023. Must be ages 16-18 at the time. Essay component. Due: February 3rd.  Details:


Burnaby Art Gallery needs Artist Assistants for their Spring Break Art Camp. Please see Mr. Carey as soon as possible because these spaces will fill quickly.

Pui Ying Chinese Language School: We need two more Mandarin speaking male students to volunteer on Saturdays. Grades 10, 11 or 12. See Mr. Carey.

Science World needs Volunteers: Two students for Feb. 25 to March 19 AND one student for March 18 to April 9. Must be 16 years old. See Mr. Carey.


Leadership: Hey Vikings! Leadership is hosting a MOVIE NIGHT for Love week on Feb 9th. Tickets will be sold in the north foyer Tuesday-Friday and doors will open next Thursday at 6:00pm. Make sure to bring your student ID and have paid your activity fees. We will be selling Popcorn, pizza, and drinks so bring cash and don’t miss out!

Korean Society Club: We are having a “So-tteok-so-tteok” sale which is fried rice cake and Vienna sausage brushed with several sauce on Wednesday, February 1st at lunch in the North foyer. The cost is $3 each or 2 for $5. All proceeds go to the Anti-Discrimination Organization. Please come and enjoy some Korean food! Hope to see you there.

First Chance Club: We are having a BC-SPCA dog toy donation project. We are accepting t-shirts and tennis balls at the horseshoe from Jan. 30th-Feb. 3rd in the morning (8:30AM to 9:10AM). Come to Room 201 during LUNCH on Feb. 2nd and 3rd to make dog toys and get service hours! Hope to see you there.

Yearbook: Want to join the yearbook team and produce an award-winning yearbook in 2024? YEARBOOK Course APPLICATIONS for 2023/24 are now being accepted. Please pick up an application form on the door of room 309 North building. See Ms. Lehtonen for information.


Table-Tennis Players: early dismissal from block 8 Wed. Feb. 1 at 2:40pm for transportation to Winston Churchill. Boys:  Adrian, Yan, Eddie (Allen on call) and Girls:  Melissa, Amy, Claire (Joanne on call).
Boys meet at South Building parking lot or go to Rm #19 for Transport. Girls meet at front of North Building Exit and get their ride from Melissa’s Parent. Good-Luck against Churchill.  Any questions – see Mr. Seehagen Rm #19.

ULTIMATE FRISBEE:  Tryouts for the Junior and Senior ultimate teams will be taking place starting next week. All ages, grades, and genders are welcome. No experience or special equipment necessary (although cleats are helpful if you have them). Tryouts run from 3:15-5:30 on the turf field. Go to to register asap.

Spring Field Hockey in the Community: All interested students who would like to play Field Hockey this spring with the Burnaby Lake Field Hockey Club is encouraged to register soon! Here is the link for more information, and if you have questions about the sport, please see Ms. Oatway in the sports center.

Badminton Team: The badminton season is just around the corner!  If you want to join the badminton team this year (for all grades boys and girls), the tryouts will be this Friday, February 3rd after school in the South Gym! Grab your friends, your gear, and meet us right after school!  Sign-up at  You need to bring your own badminton rackets and gym attire is required.  Bring a water bottle with you! If you feel rusty and would like a warmup session, come to the final Badminton Club meeting on Wednesday after school in the South Gym.  See you there!

Spring Sports are starting soon
! If you are interested in joining a spring sport, please check the athletics website out and sign up for what you are interested in. Any questions, please see Ms. Oatway in the sports centre. We are offering the following: Badminton, Girls Netball, Track & Field, Golf, Grade 8 & 9 Boys Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Boys Rugby and Ultimate Frisbee.

Senior Boys Rugby is Back! We are excited to announce we will be fielding a Senior Boys Rugby team this Spring! All grade 10, 11 and 12 students that want to try it out should sign up on the athletics website and attend a mandatory information meeting with coaching staff on Thursday Feb 2nd at 3:30pm in the Gallery.

Netball: Please visit the athletics website to sign up for the school team and to find information about tryout dates. No experience is necessary. Girls in grades 8-12 are encouraged to join. See Ms. Versteeg in room 110 if you have questions.


Graduation Events: Hi Grads! This is a reminder to pay fees for graduation festivities on School Cash Online if you haven’t done so already, including payment for Dry Grad for those planning to attend.


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