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FLEX Day–Apr. 2, 2019


The Flex period is designed to give students the opportunity to connect with one of their teachers for extra help, additional work time, group projects, test re-writes or study time. 

Flex Time Expectations/Reminders:

  • This is instructional time. Attendance is mandatory.
  • Students are expected to select which of their classes to attend and to stay in that room for the entirety of the period.
  • Students will be required to sign in to the class upon arrival.
  • Once 30 students show up in a room, the space is considered full and students will need to work in another one of their classrooms.

 Flex Schedule

1st Period               8:40am-9:49am

Flex                      9:55am-10:38am

2nd Period             10:44am-11:50am

Lunch                   11:50am-12:29pm

3rd Period            12:35pm-1:41pm

Break                    1:41pm-1:51pm

4th Period              1:57pm-3:03pm