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Commuting to Campus during Transit Disruptions

There is the potential for transit service disruptions this week. While school remains open, families should be prepared for higher automobile traffic on the roads and it may affect commuting routes to schools. 

Please take the time to remind your children about pedestrian safety (not walking with earbuds, wearing visible colours, etc.) in light of the increased volume of traffic.

For more information, please check out the district website  You will find a link to Translink alerts and a guide to getting around during transit disruptions.

If you are considering alternate travel methods, check out our Travelling to Campus info.

If you must drive to campus, remember to adhere to 30Km school zones and to use caution near entrances and intersections as students may not reliably use marked crosswalks.

If you are dropping off a student, please avoid our red and yellow zones on/near campus.