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International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia–SD41 Event

On May 22, starting at 10am our SOGI Committee will be hosting its 7th Annual IDAHAT Breakfast, re-imagined in through a virtual live-streamed event. While we will be hosting the event live (remotely), the event will feature a collection of pre-recorded videos submitted by a diverse group of local, queer community members ranging from prominent authors, trailblazing politicians, Burnaby students, and more! Each guest contributor would be asked to submit a video that is no longer than 10 minutes in which they reflect on the idea of “community” as is relates to their queer identity. The concept of community is a powerful idea and one that has deep roots. Community is what links us all together, supports us in times of adversity or challenges, celebrates our accomplishments and successes, and helps pave a positive path for the future.

The complete list of speakers can be viewed on the SOGI site.

The event is FREE and open to all current Burnaby students, staff, and families who have a Burnaby Schools email account.  Please register at Eventbrite.

The link to the Livesteam event will be posted for registered participants on the Eventbrite page.

Students, if attending the event conflicts with an online class meeting, please let your teacher know in advance you’ll be unable to attend (this would normally be a district field trip, so missing class to attend virtually should be a non-issue).  The sessions may be available in a recorded format later, but details haven’t yet been confirmed.