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UPDATED: June 1–School Re-Opening for Optional In-Class Instruction

UPDATED June 11–NEW cohort schedule for June 15-19

We are adjusting the schedule for the last week of instruction to maximize the time students will be able to meet with teachers on site. The new schedule (below) combines the previous four cohorts into two new cohorts.

  • Cohort A – Last Names A – Lewis
  • Cohort B – Li – Z

Students can continue to make individual appointments with teachers outside of the assigned times.

The cohort schedule for Jun 15-19, 2020

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Click for details on the June 22-15 schedule.

NEW!  See Paul & Ms Berning give a tour of our new school procedures.

UPDATED June 9:  The schedule of teachers/rooms for June 1-19.  Please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Please read the following documents about the re-opening of schools

  1. Letter from Mr. Rawnsley about the June 1 re-opening and schedule info (Info copied below)
  2. Fraser Health Region’s Letter about the Return to Schools
  3. Ministry of Education Letter to Families  (added May30)
  4. SD41 Superintendent’s Letter to Families (added May 30)
  5. SD41 (Burnaby) Parent and Child SAFE STUDY AND WORK PRACTICES FOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS — Includes translations in French, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Farsi, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Tigrinya of the Daily Health Check that all families are responsible for conducting before they can permit their children to attend school.

Do not attend school if you have any symptoms of illness

Dear Families,
Thank you for participating in the survey that was sent out to families on Thursday, May 21. We appreciate you taking the time to convey your intentions for your child(ren) regarding the re-opening of schools beginning June 1. From the responses received, we are currently in the process of ensuring that necessary preparations have been addressed to ensure a safe return for students and staff next week.
The resumption of in-class instruction on a part-time basis will begin the week of June 1. The safety of students and staff remains our number one priority, and measures will be in place to meet the requirements of provincial health and safety guidelines for schools. To accommodate these health and safety measures, including physical distancing, classes will be limited to a small number of students at any one time.

The model being implemented at Burnaby North is unique from the structure in Burnaby’s other secondary schools in order to allow for the demolition of a portion of the South Building. The demolition is a temporary inconvenience that is required to proceed with the construction of the new school. The schedule overlays our existing Flex structure and groups students into new cohorts. Students will sign up for 3 sessions on their assigned day using their Weekly Planner (

See the FLEX tutorials from the fall; students will register online for their first AP period (#1) and/or their first PM period (#4).  Bookings for the last two periods of each shift will be made on-site.  See the email update from Mr. Scaligine for details.
Students will sign up for the subject areas in which they are wanting in-class support (ex. Math, Science). This model will ensure students get help in the area they require while still allowing for them to connect with their regular classroom teacher at least once a week. Sign-up begins at 12:00pm on Friday, May 29th.

In-person attendance is optional, and in-school instruction will supplement the remote learning that is continuing to the end of the school year. Students who do not attend in-class will continue to be provided with remote learning opportunities.

The daily schedule for June (shown below) includes a Flex rotation as well as time for appointments with teachers for students to receive additional support. The rotations also include time for teachers to support students with remote learning. Please note that we will be continuously monitoring the number of students in our school and may need to adjust this schedule as we work through our return to optional in-person classes.

Typically, most students will attend classes two half-days per week, with additional opportunities to make appointments to see teachers should they require extra support. Students who are not scheduled to attend a class should not be in the school unless arrangements have been made with a teacher.

Please note that while in-class attendance will be recorded, with the voluntary nature of attending school we will not be reporting to parents/guardians if secondary students are not in attendance for the month of June.

Wednesdays are designated blended learning days and schools will not have in-person instruction for any students with the exception of students with diverse needs whose families have requested this support.

Important Details and Procedures:

  • All students will enter the building through the entrance doors next to the Main Office (adjacent to the student parking lot) and will be asked to wash their hands upon entering the building.
  • Students will be asked to maintain social distancing as they wait to enter the building. To
    facilitate this and avoid grouping we are asking that students arrive no earlier than 8:30am.
  • Students will be assigned seats in each classroom to maximize social distancing and support
    cleaning protocols.
  • Students will not have access to their lockers. Information will come out in the coming weeks
    regarding locker cleanout, textbook return, yearbook pickup and year-end recognition.
  • Students opting to participate are required to attend all 3 Flex sessions in a day and are asked to
    leave campus at the conclusion of their assigned schedule to allow for cleaning.
  • Students are asked to bring all food and beverage/water needed to sustain themselves as
    cafeteria services, vending machines and water stations will not be available.
  • Outstanding library books can be returned to the Gallery at the beginning and end of each

We look forward to welcoming your children back to school and to also continuing to support all students
remotely.  Please contact the school should you have any questions. Thank you!

Dave Rawnsley

Teacher/Room Schedule

Drama Ms. Agnew VPA
Dance Ms. Klim Ms. Hodanic PE & VPA
101 Ms. Gillard Ms. Stokes ELL
103 Mr. Gabriel Ms. Paterson MATH
105 Ms. Manhas Ms. Nakano ELL
107 Ms. Fisher Mr. Blackwell SCIENCE
108 Mr. Mehling Ms. Brovold SCIENCE
109 Ms. Wilson Mr. McPhee SCIENCE
110 Ms. Shim Ms. Versteeg SCIENCE/MATH
111 Ms. Bernabei Mr. Walton SCIENCE
112 Mr. Taylor Mr. Mawani SCIENCE
116 Ms. Van Der Velden Ms. Garcia LANGUAGE
201 Ms. Peckenpaugh LANGUAGE
202 Ms. Hardjowasito Ms. Byrne SOCIALS/ENGLISH
203 Mr. Thiessen Ms. Cowley SOCIALS/ENGLISH
204 Ms. Christofides Mr. Storch SOCIALS/ENGLISH
205 Ms. Bettles Ms. Mihic SOCIALS/ENGLISH
206 Ms. Tooley/Mr. Laurita Ms. Devi (if not in Bridge) SOCIALS/ENGLISH
209 Ms. Joliffe Mr. Williams SOCIALS/ENGLISH
210 Ms. Alves/Ms. Lyons Ms. Smith SOCIALS/ENGLISH
211 Mr. Sokugawa Ms. Yarmie SOCIALS/ENGLISH
212 Ms. Mushens Ms. Carey SOCIALS/ENGLISH
221 Ms. McCutcheon Ms. Leung FOODS
303 Mr. Rosin Mr. Ault MATH
305 Ms. Young Ms. Wong MATH
307 Ms. Lynch Ms. Drake MATH
308 Mr. Parker ITALIAN
309 Ms. Teng-Davis Yearbook
310 Mr. Robinson Ms. Macrea ART
311 Ms.  Yee(overflow) Ms. Lehtonen ART
312 Jeff
313 Mr. Seehagen/Mr. Roberts Mr. Seehagen/Mr. Roberts ENGLISH
314 Ms. Du Ms. Lu LANGUAGES
315 Mr. Janetka Mr. Fung BUSINESS
316 Mr. Pepler Mr. Chan BUSINESS
410 Ms. Manderson VPA
416 Mr. Watts/Mr. Smith Ms. Morozov TECH ED