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AP Capstone Info Session for Grade 10 Students

AP Capstone Student Information Meeting

AP Capstone Info Meeting: Are you a hardworking grade 10 student interested in diving into dynamic questions and solving today’s problems? You should think about applying to Burnaby North’s prestigious AP Capstone Program. Ms. Mihic will be hosting a brief presentation Wednesday, Jan 25th @10 am over Teams. Use the following link to access:

AP Capstone is an innovative program offered at Burnaby North and Burnaby South that allows students in grade 11 & 12 to engage in rigorous university-level study of the critical skills necessary for success in university. The Program includes a 2-course sequence  AP Seminar and AP Research(both offered outside the timetable as morning blocks).  The AP Capstone Program emphasizes these critical thinking skills and culminates into an in-depth subject-manner study in AP. By the end of the 2-year program, students will be adept at:

  • Considering multiple perspectives
  • Careful evaluation of information
  • Writing evidence-based arguments
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Oral communication and defending an argument
  • Collaboration and teamwork