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Need a timetable change? Submit a Course Correction Request


Grade 9-12 students requesting a correction must complete the online form.  Counsellors will contact you with changes or if they need more information.  The form will open on the first day of school and close on the 2nd Friday at 3pm.

All timetable changes MUST be processed by your counsellor.  Please do not approach course teachers with requests and inquiries.

Grade 8 Students

Grade 8 students with timetable errors must go to Student Services on opening day to see their counsellor.

Counsellors will be seeing ONLY grade 8 students on opening day.  Corrections will be made if grade 8 students are

  • missing a course, OR
  • have been scheduled into the wrong grade level of a course OR
  • have a duplicate course on their schedule.

I*While waiting for your counsellor to call you, attend all the courses on your original timetable. **When you receive your new timetable, please speak to the teachers whose course you will be leaving and return all textbooks from that course to that teacher.t is best to visit early in the day (before your Block 1 orientation class) to give counsellors the most time to make corrections for Wednesday.

Grade 9-12 Students

Complete the online form to request a course correctionCounsellors will not begin processing requests or seeing grade 9-12 students until all Grade 8 corrections have been completed.

Grade 9-12 students must follow the Course Correction process outlined below:

The school will not accommodate course changes for the following reasons:
  • wanting a class in a different timetable block/period
  • wanting to take a course with a different teacher
  • wanting to be in a different block/course to be with different people (e.g. friends)

Counsellors will work with students about their schedule according to this priority:

    1. your timetable is incomplete (fewer than 8 courses; including authorized spare blocks; may result from being assigned two blocks of the same 1-block course);
    2. you did not complete or failed a Summer School or Online course so are missing a course (e.g. scheduled into the wrong grade level of a course or missing a graduation requirement),
    3. you are MISSING graduation/university admission requirements
    4. you did not receive your requested/alternate elective course (this may occur when the original course caused a timetable conflict or the original course has been cancelled) or have a new elective request
      1. Note: If you believe you should be in an Honours/Enriched/AP class that you requested last spring, contact Ms. Mihic ( BEFORE September 13th.

The online form must be approved by your parent/guardian. Unverified forms will not be considered. 

The deadline for course request changes/corrections is 3pm, Friday, September 15th. The later your request is made, the fewer options counsellors may have to address your request.

NOTE: Correcting errors in your timetable may result in other block/teacher/course changes to your schedule as well. We will make every effort to disrupt your schedule as little as possible, but some changes are unavoidable.  Once a change is made, we cannot change your schedule back. 

All timetable changes MUST be processed by your counsellor.  Please do not approach course teachers with requests and inquiries.