Career Life Connections 11/12

Career-Life Connections focuses on applying personal career-life management knowledge, skills, and strategies to the one’s own personal life journey, and includes:

  • deepening career-life concepts and thoughtful self-knowledge to inform personal life-long learning choices and post-graduation plans
  • using self-advocacy and employment marketing strategies, such as creating one’s own effective public profiles
  • employing developed social capital, such as leadership and collaboration skills, to cultivate community networks
  • engaging in a substantive experiential learning opportunity of 30 hours or more that is intended to expand and/or deepen student exposure to career-life possibilities, such as service learning, volunteerism, employment, fieldwork projects, entrepreneurship, and passion projects
  • designing, assembling, and presenting a capstone to an audience, celebrating the learning journey and next steps toward preferred futures.
  • . (Introduction to Career Education, )

Presentations & Assignments

NOTE: Assignments are due 4 weeks after you attended that module’s session.