Burnaby North has many clubs students can join to pursue their interests.  Club events are listed in the Student Bulletin, on the TV system, and publicized around the school.  If you can’t find a club that meets your needs, you can start a new one by applying to the administration; ask for a form in the office.

To ensure your club is included in the United Federation of Clubs (UFC) directory and can participate in UFC events, each club must complete the registration form by Oct. 13, 2020.

The following list includes descriptions and contact info for many of the clubs that exist at North.  If your club is missing, attend the next UFC meeting to ensure your info is added to the club list update.

Book of Clubs 20_21

Clubs that have web sites may submit their links to be included in the directory below by asking their sponsor teacher to email the request to Ms Cowley & Mr Fung.

Club’s at North include:

  • United Federation of Clubs
  • Grade 8 Council
  • Grade 9 Council
  • Grade 10 Council
  • Grade 11 Council
  • Grad Council
  • Student Government